Boxing with Style – Boško Drašković

Search “Boxing” for royalty free images, and this is what you get. Completely unrelated, but I couldn’t pass on using this image!

We are sticking with the theme of sport for today’s post, but rather than a home run, this blog will be a knockout… I wish.

Boško Drašković — a name that will require a number of copy and paste jobs throughout this piece — is a Montenegrin (a citizen of Montenegro) light heavyweight boxer and in 2012 he became the second ever Montenegrin light heavyweight competitor to compete in the Olympic Games. This means that he must have weighed 81kg or approximately 178.5lbs or 12.7st or 0.079 imperial tonnes.

This is already more information than the English Wikipedia provides, as this article is considered a “stub”. Charming. Although, it is helpful to know that Boško Drašković is listed under the “Living people” category. Here’s hoping I’ll make that list one day.

Sadly for Drašković, he lost to Nicaraguan Osmar Bravo in the first round. Boško, in the unlikely event that you are reading this, sorry to open up old wounds, please don’t punch me. It is impressive, nonetheless, to qualify. In the end, Egor Mekhontsev of Russia went on to win the gold.

Drašković’s other accomplishments include placing first at the 2009 Mediterranean Games and fifth at the 2010 European Championships. Drašković has also captained the Montenegrin boxing team and was elected as selector of the team in 2016 with the duty of recruiting new team members to the national team.

“Drašković, as the captain of the boxing team for many years represented Montenegro at numerous international competitions and will remain remembered as one of the most prominent boxers in the history of the Olympic Boxing in our country.”

A spot of Facebook stalking — yep, Click Random isn’t afraid of appearing a little creepy, just look at my attempt at drawing Homer Simpson — will reveal that Drašković also admirably coaches the new generation of Montenegrin boxers. The Montenegrin team seem very optimistic for their future in the sport.

If that hasn’t wet your whistle for random information, the internet can throw up some interesting results. I thought you’d like to know that, outside of boxing, Drašković attended the Dolce and Gabbana VIP room during Milan Fashion Week Menswear in 2011.

Possibly even more interesting is that Dolce and Gabbana has their own boxing team intimidatingly named Milan Thunder — yes, they do actually compete. Boško even featured on a T-shirt designed by the duo.

Broken noses and cauliflower ears are en vogue.

No random facts today, nothing can beat the Dolce and Gabbana boxing team.


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