Got Wood? — Windemere Township, Minnesota

*Twin Peaks Theme Song*

Wikipedia loves their towns, don’t they? Yes, another town, although slightly larger than Castel Rigone with a slightly better website — Windemere Township even provide minutes of their town meetings, and it looks like illegal parking is a big issue.

They also seem concerned with “nightmares in the makingAquatic Invasive Species in their lakes, some of my favourites include the Rusty Crayfish, Water Chestnut, and Chinese Mystery Snail.

Wikipedia records a population of 1,489 seventeen years ago. The citizens of Windemere Township are less like rabbits and more like pandas, as the population has increased to 1,512 as of 2015, which was down from 1,711 in 2010. Is there something wrong with the place? Probably not, just urbanisation, or it could be those pesky invasive species, who knows?

And now for some history. The township was established or organised on January 30th 1882, the same year that the first US ski club formed, American outlaw Jesse James was killed, and the first string of Christmas tree lights were invented by Thomas Edison.

It was the success of the lumber industry that encouraged the establishment of the town, just like Twin Peaks, minus Killer Bob. Unfortunately no scary stories from Windemere. Sadly more similar to Twin Peaks, they did have a devastating fire in 1918, which was Minnesota’s worst natural disaster with regard to number of casualties. This, as well as the declining lumber industry, led to dairy farming taking over as the town’s thriving industry.

Random Facts

· The township’s first school was built in 1889, and is now the Town Hall.
· Windemere Township was named after the beautiful Lake Windermere in English Lake District.
· The average income of women in this town is over $10,000 less than men in the area. There’s probably a not so simple explanation.

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