I ran, I ran so far away — Qodrat Kandi

Two citizens of Qodrat Kandi.

Welp, it’s back to Geography today — I might have to start vetoing articles, but I fear that in doing so I will begin to question the integrity of Click Random and my own morality.

So far, the village of Qodrat Kandi in Iran has the smallest population of any location I have written about with 164 citizens in 39 families as of 2006, and this probably includes their goats.

Qodrat Kandi is found within the province of West Azerbaijan. Yes, Azerbaijan is a different country, but Iran don’t care. They’re probably hoping that this will allow them to compete in Eurovision, just like neighbours. The most recent population data I could find for Qodrat Kandi is that, as of 2016, there are 1,129,000 living in rural areas like Qodrat Kandi in West Azerbaijan.

When attempting to research Qodrat Kandi, most of the talk was about the weather, so us Brits might appreciate that, or anyone that is trapped in awkward conversation for that matter. So, for your interest or your awkward silences, today it is forecast for a 31 degree Celsius high in Qodrat Kandi.

There are plenty of recommended sights to see in Qodrat Kandi, including an airport, which you might want to keep note of if you want an early flight back. Trip-Suggest.com also suggest visiting various other small villages. Although, they also advise that you reconsider your travel.

The nearest hotel, Hotel Brasserie — a twenty minute drive from Qodrat Kandi — looks beautiful as well.

Hygiene is our number one concern. (Source)
Nothing says classy like plastic wrap. (Source)

That’s my next holiday booked.

Random Facts

· Iran has a total population of 80.28 million.

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