Little Italy — Castel Rigone

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Another short Wikipedia article today, though surprisingly not a “stub”. Castel Rigone is a picturesque Italian village with a medieval past. A territorial subdivision (Frazione) of a township (Comune) in the province of Perugia, Castel Rigone is home to approximately 406 citizens.

The village is believed to have been founded by Rigo or Riggo, lieutenant of Ostrogoth king Totila, in 543 AD with the purpose of establishing a base during the Gothic War (535 AD — 554 AD) fought between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy.

The Ostrogoths were a subdivision of the Goths, a Germanic people and a pain in the backside for the Roman Empire believed to have originated in Southern Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, or Sweden).

Following this, Castel Rigone was fortified in 1297 when the village was constructed — if only they could finish constructing their website.

Since 1984, Castel Rigone recognises its history with The Festival of Barbarians in Castel Rigone, full with musical acts, a medieval banquet, and a battle re-enactment depicting the arrival of Totila the Immortal (died in the Battle of Taginae).

While the majority of reviews for Castel Rigone are extremely high, I would like to leave you with a summary of some humorous — or at least I think so — TripAdvisor comments.

Apparently Mr. Spock has not solved any problems, as one hotel is locked in a space-time bubble in 1980, there is poor food and dirty rooms, but they highly recommend it — or at least that’s what Google Translate thinks — and if that wasn’t enough, a little girl touched the only piece of handmade salami! “The crisis is fine, but I pay you.” A beautiful translation.

Molto Bello!

Random Facts

· Castel Rigone is the birthplace of fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli. He established and owns the local football club for which he designed and funded a stadium. In 2013, Cucinelli even had a hand in the sacking of the football club manager due to his decision not to use a healthy player in a match.
· In the 15th Century, the architect Donato Bramante was commissioned by Pope Julius II to build a church in Castal Rigone, the church is known as Madonna of Miracles (Madonna Dei Miracoli). Just like a prayer, you know I’ll take you there.


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