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Apr 25 · 2 min read
ClickBee Telegram

We know that quality traffic is the key to any successful Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency related project, at ClickBee we make sure you get just that!.

ClickBee is a crowdsourced service that allows publishers to buy visitors to their websites, Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, or even referral links for as little as $0.001 per click.

Human clickers will browse your website for certain a period that is set by you, in return for a share of the CPC you set.
In the case of YouTube(or other sites which don’t allow embedding), an instant redirect is recommended.
Visitors will stop coming in only once the target number of clicks is reached.

Some of the tasks include visiting websites, YouTube videos, Facebook, Telegram Channels, or even referral links.

GoTo ClickBEE Telegram Bot Now!

Minimum Price Per Unique Click (CPC)
Increase Telegram Post Views — 0.1 TRX
Get Visitors to Websites/Links — 0.2 TRX
Promote Telegram Bots — 0.3 TRX
Grow Telegram Channel — 0.5 TRX
Invite Telegram Group Members — 1 TRX

100 TRX = ~1.267 USD
** Publishers can add funds with BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, or TRX by making a transfer to the corresponding wallet address.
NOTE: Non-TRX funds sent to ClickBee will automatically be converted to TRX, and the balance will be available to spend on ads.

This system is built using Telegrams API and can be accessed by downloading Telegram messenger.

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