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Click Cash Clone review by Josh Owens & Tim Atkinson Click Cash Clone all about ? Does Click Cash Clone really work? Click Cash Clone Review.


Welcome to my Click Clone Cash review!

Click Clone Cash is a new system that literally promises mega amounts of cash, so I’ve been taking a closer look to see whether it can live up to it’s bold claims.

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After watching the sales video for Click Clone Cash I was instantly questioning the bold claims. The people in the video are not making a few $100 or maybe even a couple of $1000, but most are making amounts that just seem ridiculous. I make a genuine 5-figures per month and have done since February of this year. I don’t tell you that to brag or boast, but simply to explain that I know from personal experience that it takes hard work, dedication and most importantly time to start making substantial amounts of money online. It took me 4 years to reach that figure. Some do it much faster, but for me it took a long time mainly because of systems like Click Clone Cash that cost me money, and didn’t make me a penny.

I sat through the whole video and then entered my email to access the next page where I landed on a checkout page for hosting. A specific type of hosting apparently that the video sells you, which is called cloud hosting. Cloud hosting has become very popular for internet marketers to promote because it pays CPA commissions, and there are a few hosting companies who are paying healthy sized commissions right now. All the marketers have to do is build sales pages like Click Clone Cash that hype you up on the dream of making money and then tell you they’ll give you a website for free if you buy hosting (because you need hosting for any website). In my experience a lot of these systems don’t even give you anything after the checkout, and if you do receive a website that’s all you receive. You still need to learn everything else that goes with internet marketing… e.g the MARKETING which is the most important part!

Cloud professional Hosting is that the counseled hosting. I in person don’t have anything against them but they’re the hosting company that’s continually connected to systems like Click Clone money. the rationale being that they pay healthy commissions. The draw back is that they don’t provide month to month hosting. you’ll be able to solely pay direct for six months or a lot of that is presumably the rationale they’ll pay huge commissions as a result of the hosting should be done over a extended amount therefore customers ar paying a lot of anyway.

Getting back to Click Clone money, I notice this technique quite ridiculous to be honest. To suppose that anyone will “CLICK” “COPY” and “PASTE” to create a fortune on-line is simply plain stupid. i’m astonished that systems like this ar still marketing therefore well however i assume lots of individuals should have a lottery mentality wherever they suppose systems like this really work. in the end if folks didn’t believe it these reasonably systems wouldn’t sell into the millions like they are doing.

Click Clone Cash: My Conclusion

I feel that this system is simply a sales funnel set up to sell hosting. The disclaimer on the sales video even sales that actors have been used in the video, so I really don’t see how any of the people shown giving testimonials could be real. Plus the “system” behind this is not going to bring you the income that is promised in the video in my opinion.

If you want to make money online you need to sell something, plain and simple. There are no shortcuts. The creator of Click Clone Cash is selling you his system. Whilst I am not recommending the system itself, I recommend the method he uses. Sell products and services online to people who want them, but try and do it with some ethics!

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