Why Copying The Habits Of Successful People Won’t Make You Successful.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I totally agree ! besides, everyone has to face a different life, circumstances, surroundings and even everyone has different body mechanism. And of course, one should work accordingly. You don’t necessarily have to wake up early in the morning, what if you have your niche market at evening or night, what if you’re running a night club or something? you can’t work whole night and then wake early as well. So it all depends upon 2 things only:

Hard work


Rest is just rubbish sayings. Do this, do that, these are all pretexts to cover one own self from doing something with focus and concentration. Life has no perfect parameter or rule for anything. If one thing works for you, doesn’t have to work for me as well. I have to discover and stay stick to my own circumstances and preferences to be successful.

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