The Ultimate Guide To Sky Rocket Your Classifieds Website

Mere raising a site on the internet is not enough. You need to workloads on it to get it noticed and even by a search engine. Sometimes it takes months for a site to get indexed by search engine and you stay invisible in all that time period despite working on the site.

For that reason, even after getting indexed, you need to make some strategies and frameworks and work accordingly. And when we talk about a classifieds website, and more specifically a general classifieds website which has no specific niche and involves many categories, you need to work even harder to get discerned in this virtual world, where everything changes on a simple click. Make a perfect plan and there’s nothing that can cease you of not getting fame & traffic towards your site.

So what you actually have to do is simply Do These 8 Things to Sky Rocket Your Classifieds Website.

Choosing A Right Framework

There are a lot of options to create your website with/in. When we were making plans to launch our free classifieds website, this was the most inquisitive questions for us to decide the framework. Of course, there are lots of options available to create your classifieds site with, which are described in this post How To Make A Free Classifieds Website. So I won’t go in much depth of it.

It also depends on these factors:

  • Nature of your business plan
  • Size of the business
  • Your budget for this classifieds website

If you a have a big budget, you can get for a core design as it takes a lot of amounts to develop and design it. But the benefits are of course huge and never ending. You can customize each and everything this way, literally everything!

Otherwise, you can go for some readymade website like choosing a WordPress theme and make your classifieds site in it. This way you will spend on buying a premier theme only. There are certain software available on the net you can create your classifieds website with like Open Classifieds, to get the script and strat an online business with expected features you might need.

Security Check

Consider security of your site as a certificate of trust for others.

Suppose you’re entering a saloon conceding to have best products being use on you, but they have no certification to show that their services and products are protected by an authority, you won’t probably go there then because you do care about your about-to-be-spent money.

The same way when someone’s going to provide you opportunity of earning, SSL and other protection measures are way important, otherwise monetizing of your website will be another issue for you.

Monetization Plan For A Classifieds Website

Without a prior monetization plan, your website is not going to earn you anything. But the first and foremost point here is that a website can’t be monetized at early stages. You can also call it early stage monetization plan. So to start with:

  • Highlight and optimize your products and services fully.
  • Focus on the traffic at the start; it is your subsequent earning.
  • Figure your potential customers from unpaid sources first (social media etc.).
  • Make a YouTube channel and keep posting handsome videos there, more the subscribers, more you can earn with ads showing during your videos.

There are some other ways to monetize your website but you can use them after getting a certain level of traffic and fame towards your site. For instance:

  • Advertising and Promotional banners
  • Featured Ads / Move ads to top
  • Pay to Post
  • Affiliate Links
  • By offering Premium Membership


So for now, focus on the early stage monetization plan only.


A testimonial is a great way to earn traffic. Think about a friend or even stranger assures you while entering a shop that this is a reliable one or “I had a good experience last time I shopped from here”

Or maybe “I’m a regular customer here” … these words really matter and work for boosting your traffic. But keep in mind that testimonial should be real, even if you have to give samples to your potential customers for that, do it. 10 Genuine testimonials are way better than 100 fake ones.

Genuine Content Creation And Consistent Content Marketing

When we talk about content, we need to keep these 2 things in mind:

In today’s marketing world, content is the king. So consider these 2 points as trick and key to successful content creation.

Proper Documentation and Content

A website should have a clear layout in terms of providing all useful information a user might need regarding it soon after entering. Make the crystal clear sections regarding

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • FAQs
  • Vision, Mission and History
  • Affiliate sites (if any)
  • Blog
  • Other related details

During wandering around the internet, whenever I enter a website and it takes more than 30 seconds to find the thing about that particular website I’m lurking in, I immediately leave the site. The same way it extremely irritates a visitor when it couldn’t even find what the website is all about and leaves a bad impression forever.

Answers and Concerns make a forum or questions/answers section to meet the general queries of users within your niche. Other than FAQs regarding the website, there may be a lot more questions a seeker might looking for. And if you would answer these questions or let anyone answer it, you can win the regular visitors for sure.

Content Generation: Content is the king in today’s e-tech world… undoubtedly! So you need to make loads of original and genuine content for your niche and it should be unique. Here are few tips to generate more traffic with content.

  • Become an expert (in your niche)
  • Educate your customers (about what is demanded the most)
  • Leverage consumer reports data (take data form different sources, you don’t necessarily have to conduct the surveys for this purpose)
  • Showcase your business entity (make it crystal clear to general public)
  • Testimonials (again) use them in your content as well

Website and Traffic Analysis

Always track your website traffic and performance. There are loads of free analysis tools available online for this purpose. You can simply use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to locate and track your website on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Since they’re totally free, we have no excuse of not utilizing their in-depth and excellent services.

You have to understand the importance of analyzing your website here. It’s vital, it’s crucial, it’s essential. Until you won’t know what’s your average traffic? Where your traffic is coming from? and how the traffic is behaving on your site, you won’t be able to identify the benchmarks and improve your performance.

Setting up Social Media

No need to waste our time boosting the power of social media here. The only point to ponder is that you should never ignore the power and importance of social media. Don’t just indulge yourself too much in maintaining your site only; do make an effort on social media as well on daily basis.

Also, keep in mind that when you try to perform in all the games, your efficiency goes down for each of them because it’s divided among all of them. So keep your focus on most important and result generating social media platforms depending on your niche.

You first have to identify that which social media matches its wave length with your website, but we have some most commonly and globally used as well like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. Also, the LinkedIn has entered the market in terms of being social media very well, otherwise, it was used for professional networking and job searching only.

Here I would greatly recommend you to read this MOZ post about Beginner’s Guide to Social Media by Kristy in which she explains that why social media is important to your business, how it can improve it and influence other variables positively as well.

Get Help from Tools and Plugins

There is a heck of tools that you can use for different purposes. You think about a thing you want to add in your website or its blog, and you get a tool or handy Plugin for that. The Internet is full of such tools and you need to dig out that best serves your site. If you have a general classifieds blog like, or a niche specific classifieds site like auto-classifieds or mobile-classifieds, you have adequate of options. Some useful of them that I personally use are:

· Yoast SEO Plugin for SEO · BPS Plugin for security purpose · YouTube Plugin for Video Playing · WangGuard Plugin for spam registrations · Captcha by BestWebSoft Plugin for spam comments

These are a few of plugins you can use to protect and promote your classifieds website blog or any other form of content. I will discuss in detail about these plugins in my other post.

I hope if not all of the above, a few of them, at least, would help you a bit… and if it does, the purpose of this post about The Ultimate Guide To Sky Rocket Your Classifieds Website will be achieved fruitfully and happily.

Also, share in comments if you have any other idea to promote a classifieds website and we will discuss it in our next post.

Originally published at on April 8, 2016.