The attic, not the garage like in other success stories, was our home for two years of hard work, where our two passionate and award-winning; tech geeks (now bosses), Andrew and Adrian, presented the world their newest project named DontPayFull. That was back in November 2012.
If you shop widely over the Internet, then you must have come across a discount voucher code. Of course, you may not have recognized it as such, as not all online vendors offering it tend to identify it as such. But when all is said and done, the discount voucher code is an alphanumeric code which vendors make available to certain categories of their customers, with the instructions that the entry of the said code during checkout time will result in the client paying less than what they would have otherwise paid for their purchase.

The discount-voucher codes are therefore the ‘digital’ adaptation of the traditional discount-voucher code; where the printed document that we knew as the voucher is replaced with an alphanumeric code. It finds the real application on the Internet, where people tend to find stores through the search engines, rather than through the efforts of aggressive salespeople moving from door to door. We love to think big. Reach millions of people. Because greatness starts when your ambitions are limitless. As a highly ambitious team, we want to create products that have an impact.

A spokesperson at explained, “We are passionate in everything we do, striving to create products that can change the world. We stick by one simple (pun intended) rule — if you must explain a user interface, it’s not a good interface. Simplicity is our motto.Commitment is key to us — whatever we set out to achieve, we aim only for success and nothing less.”

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what is in just a few words. Our office is not only just an office — we’re a family, bound together by teamwork and desire to help each other. Never an idle moment, never a dull moment. Our strive for improvement is constant, and so is our desire to keep it going.

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