john mary and kitty what the hell is going on mars



kitty kitty kitty john, already gave u a food

meow :)

oh here you are honey :)

hello mary.. i,m so tired, u know i was in home development company..

and :) john.. tell me more meow

haha i,love when u do that noise :) <kiss extremly strong and sensual>

ok tell.. please,

mm.. ok today i saw a great space near the sea and.. we got the house

yay.. tell me more, i want to know all :)

mm.. it,s genius the plan new type of building, they planned whole space, homes, apartments, and lot,s lot,s of more.. sounds weird but it,s great :)

ok.. now sad part :) john your t-shirt was shorten when i washed it in hands,

neh.. i can,t be angry for someone who i likeonthemax i gonna sell on ebay as teenage clothes..

always.. always one thing in the head. john, i love you