Young Folk

We ride the line of one thing and another. We are both and we are neither. We exist between generations. We exist between nations. We exist between race. We exist between gender. We exist between sexuality. We are multi. We are a blurry “other.” An other that is constantly shifting and changing and challenging that which came before us.

What makes young people different is their commitment to discovering and understanding people and creating spaces for them. They are not about creating exclusive spaces. We are creating spaces for people to feel accepted and not worry if they are going to be received negatively or not. These spaces are open spaces where it is known that all are welcome no matter who they are and where they’re from. If you’re down with the content then they’re down with you. This is the “safe space” people scoff at. In these spaces we are not asking for special treatment, we are asking for empathy. We are asking for people to understand our struggle and respect how it affects us. We want a space where malicious language and acts aren’t a problem. We want acceptance and understanding so that we can live our lives the way that makes sense to us.

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