The Collapse of Civilization Manifesto

Since the 2008 financial crash, the world has witnessed an unprecedented outbreak of social protest in every major continent. Beginning with the birth of the Occupy movement in the US and Western Europe, and the Arab Spring, the eruption of civil unrest has continued to wreak havoc unpredictably from Greece to Ukraine, from China to Thailand, from Brazil to Turkey, and beyond. In some regions, civil unrest has coalesced into the collapse of incumbent governments or even the eruption of a prolonged state of internecine warfare, as is happening in Iraq-Syria and Ukraine- Crimea.

Increasing public dissatisfaction with government is correlated with continued government difficulties in meeting public expectations. Yet while policymakers and media observers have raced to keep up with events, they have largely missed the deeper causes of this new age of unrest — the end of the age of cheap fossil fuels, and its multiplying consequences for economic growth, industrial food production, and the Earth’s climate stability.

N.M. Ahmed, Failing States, Collapsing Systems, Springer Energy, 2017

Brexit: stage one in Europe’s slow-burn energy collapse

The “disintegration” of global capitalism could unleash world war 3, warns top EU economist

Thousands march as France’s ‘yellow vest’ protests rumble on

How the perception of unfair economic inequality leads to civic unrest

Does inequality lead to civil wars? A global long-term study using anthropometric indicators (Baten, 2013)

Rage at Globalism Is Just the Beginning

‘It’s the apocalypse’: Paris rioters run amok at yellow vest rallies

The Real Roots of American Rage

The EU looks like the Soviet Union in 1991 — on the verge of collapse -Soros

Three decades ago, a revolution occurred in the world economy. Today, we’re living through its extensive political consequences. This revolution consisted of financialization.

Financial services, from banks and hedge funds to trading houses, became the largest industry in the U.S. The impact of this revolution has been incalculable.

Accompanied by the rapid enrichment of a tiny few and stagnation and disappointment for many more. Now the only growth that remains is selling expensive services to each other. The financial revolution has no solution for stagnant wages, income inequality and job insecurity.

The Great Depression 1929–1940 US Economic Growth GDP (1%)

The Great Recession 2007–2018 US Economic Growth GDP (1.6%)

CBO’s GDP Forecast for the 2018–2028 (1.9%)

OECD GDP Per Capita

Govt economic advisor warns British defense planners that OECD growth is ending

Get Ready for Europe’s Next Crisis

Krugman: A Permanent Slump?

Ben Bernanke: The US Economy Is Going To Go Off The Cliff In 2020

America’s Real Economy: It Isn’t Booming

George Will: Another epic economic collapse is coming

The 2020s Might Be The Worst Decade In U.S. History

Investors Should Brace for a ‘Frightening’ Recession

The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System with Richard Wolff

EU membership has many benefits, but economic growth is not one of them — new findings

Global Economic Growth Peaked 40 Years Ago

Global economic growth has peaked, says World Bank

Global economic growth has peaked, warns OECD

Global economy set for decade of gloom as World Bank predicts recovery will fizzle out

BIS warns global economy risks crisis ‘relapse’

IMF warns of global economic “storm” as growth undershoots

Satellite data strongly suggests that China, Russia and other authoritarian countries are fudging their GDP reports

The Federal Reserve Seems Oblivious to a Coming Crisis

Global economy is facing a ‘perfect storm’, warns BIS chief

World economy at risk of another financial crash, says IMF

The world has not learned the lessons of the financial crisis

BBC: World Bank warns of ‘darkening skies’ for global economy

The World Economy Just Can’t Escape Its Low-Growth, Low-Inflation Rut

Experts say US economy not seeing ‘Trump bump’

AP FACT CHECK: So where is Trump’s 3 percent growth?

President Trump has made 7,546 false or misleading claims over 700 days

US energy consumption has been flat since 2000

US economic growth (GDP) since 2000 is all an illusion

During the mid/late 20th century (1960–1999), a barrel of oil cost $19 on average; during the years immediately prior to the Great Recession (2000–2008), the average price of a barrel of oil had increased to $47; and during the years immediately following the Great Recession (2010–2012), the average price of a barrel of oil had further increased to $81. During the same three time periods, the average price of a metric ton of copper increased from $3,085, to $3,713, to $6,817; the average price of a metric ton of iron ore increased from $36, to $57, to $124; and the average price of a metric ton of potash increased from $114, to $185, to $343. (Prices are inflation adjusted.)

The simple fact is that we cannot grow our global economy and improve our global material living standards on $50 oil, $6,817 copper, $124 iron ore, and $343 potash like we did on $19 oil, $3,085 copper, $36 iron ore, and $114 potash. It should come as no surprise that our Non Renewable Resource-dependent global economy experienced the Great Recession during 2009. Nor should it come as a surprise that we have yet to recover from the Great Recession. Nor will our industrialized and industrializing economies ever recover, so long as price levels associated with the vast majority of Non Renewable Resources remain at their inordinately high levels.

Christpoher Clugston, Scarcity: Humanity’s Final Chapter

Causes and Consequences of the Oil Shock of 2007–08 (Hamilton 2009)

Did the Oil Price Boom of 2008 Cause Crisis? WSJ


From 2007 to 2016, US productivity grew at about 1 percent — a historic low

Can Declining Productivity Growth Be Reversed?

The Mystery of Declining Productivity Growth

US productivity has stagnated for years, and is now expected to decline for the first time in decades

Robots Are Now Everywhere, Except in the Productivity Statistics

George Will: How technology is hurting U.S. productivity

Foreign countries are sapping US productivity, study shows

Trump: Since China joined WTO, U.S. has lost 60,000 factories

China really is to blame for millions of lost U.S. manufacturing jobs, new study finds

Study: Illinois Auto Plant Layoffs May Trigger More Job Loss

U.S. auto industry’s record sales streak snapped in 2017

Carpocalypse now: Lyft’s founders are right — we’re in the endgame for cars

Honda to shift production of SUV to China from US amid trade war

Auto loan delinquency rates are worse now than during the financial crisis

Trump, tweets couldn’t save U.S. auto jobs in 2017

How GE Went From American Icon to Astonishing Mess

America’s oldest gunmaker Remington files for bankruptcy after 200 years in business

Gibson guitar company facing bankruptcy after 116 years

Tariffs Unlikely to Bring Back Many U.S. Blue-Collar Jobs, Study Finds

‘Deep’ Subprime Car Loans Hit Crisis-Era Milestone

Subprime Auto Defaults Are Soaring, and PE Firms Have No Way Out

Smaller Subprime Auto Lenders Are Starting to Fold

U.S. used-car glut is a dealer’s dream, automakers’ nightmare

Harley-Davidson, a U.S. icon, highlights offshoring’s perils

Hundreds Of Carrier Factory Jobs To Move To Mexico

Harley-Davidson will ship work to Thailand from closing U.S. plant

Uber Is Headed for a Crash

Tesla Is ‘Structurally Bankrupt’ But So Are GM And Ford

GM to lay off up to 14K workers, close as many as 5 plants

Morgan Stanley Predicts Ford to Cut 25,000 Jobs in Overhaul

Ford to move all small car production to Mexico

‘A kick in the stomach’: massive GM layoffs leave workers distraught — and angry

A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy

The Next American Car Recession Has Already Started

Ford Prepares for Mass Layoffs After Losing $1 Billion to Trump’s Trade Tariffs, Report Says

As GM union faces big job losses, South Koreans turn cold shoulder

Economist: Expect more GM layoffs after plant closures, car eliminations

In Mexico, $2-per-hour workers make $40,000 SUVs

Ford to cut jobs in Europe, announces talks with labor, expects VW tie

Detroit in ruins: the photographs of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Tesla Model 3 Costs More To Charge Than A Gasoline Car

Tesla’s mass layoffs and reduced car production have Wall Street ‘waking up from the dream’

As Tesla Struggles, Its Rivals Make Far More With Less

Elon Musk’s growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies

Lawrence Solomon: How Tesla’s Elon Musk became the master of fake business

Former GM vice chair: I think Tesla is doomed

Tesla Doesn’t Burn Fuel, It Burns Cash

UM Economists: GM layoffs could cost Michigan 16,000 jobs

The rise and fall of Subway, the world’s biggest food chain

Why so many restaurants are filing for bankruptcy

Up to 120 more Applebee’s and IHOP restaurants will close, signaling a big shift

Workers Say McDonald’s Isn’t Keeping Up With Rising Local Wages

Wendy’s to Install Self-Ordering Machines in 1,000 Stores

Buffalo Wild Wings Cuts Jobs Amid Rising Labor, Wing Prices

Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba’s, Bonefish Grill, and Fleming’s Steakhouse chains, has announced plans to close multiple restaurants.

Owner of Romano’s Macaroni Grill Files for Bankruptcy

The Amazon Era: No Profits, No Problem

Amazon made an $11.2bn profit in 2018 — and its federal tax bill is $0

Bernie Sanders says Amazon paid no federal income tax in 2017. He’s right

Amazon and the culture of fear. When you click ‘buy now’, this is what happens inside Amazon Australia’s warehouse

How Amazon gets away with not paying taxes

Amazon lobbies to exempt employees from labor protections

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp

What Amazon does to wages

‘A sweatshop firing on all cylinders’: what it’s like to work at Amazon at Christmas

This Analyst Claims the U.S. Postal Service Is Giving Amazon a Huge Subsidy

Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace

Amazon warehouses don’t increase jobs: study

Is it Prime Time for an Amazon Dividend?

Amazon is using classic anti-union language with workers at Whole Foods

Amazon is using an unfair advantage to dominate its competitors

I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated. Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon

‘We are not robots’: Amazon warehouse employees push to unionize

Fed Interest Rates

Will Central Bank Policies Set off Another Global Financial Crisis?

There is only one country in the world where negative interest rates are working

Peter Schiff says ‘we’re in a house of cards that the Fed built’

Big banks are still paying American savers almost nothing, even as interest rates hit 2.5 percent

Central banks are printing money as though the global economy is in freefall

$12 trillion of QE and the lowest rates in 5,000 years … for this?

If Central Banks Are the Only Game in Town, We’ve Lost

How central bankers blew up the global economy

Unwinding QE could trigger financial crisis, warns JP Morgan

The verdict on 10 years of quantitative easing

How Stimulus Made a Soft Landing Harder

Quantitative easing was the father of millennial socialism

Easy Money of Stimulus Made Life Harder for Some

Bank of England’s recovery policies have increased inequality, finds S&P

How The Fed Is Helping To Rig The Stock Market

US companies have spent record $4T buying back their own stock since 08

Companies buying back their own shares is the only thing keeping the stock market afloat right now

Hedge fund manager: Stock buybacks should be ‘illegal’

Stock market to get $1 trillion boost via buybacks, says Goldman

Why the buyback frenzy may be bad for U.S. stock investors

Corporate stock buybacks boom despite Schumer, Sanders criticism

Corporate America is spending more on buybacks than anything else

Are Stock Buybacks Starving the Economy?

The sub-prime timebomb is back — this time companies are lighting the fuse

Stock buybacks, explained

Why Stock Buybacks Do So Little for Americans

When The Stock Buybacks Go Bye-Bye

Debt-financed share buybacks have turned the stock market into a high-risk ‘CDO residual’

America’s companies have binged on record amount of debt; a reckoning looms

Remember the subprime mortgage mess? $1.2 trillion in risky corporate debt is flashing similar warning signs

Corporate Debt Is Reaching Record Levels

Corporate debt bubble could spark devastating fire sale of bonds, OECD warns

Does the corporate debt mountain pose an avalanche risk?

A $3-trillion tsunami is about to flood the stock market, warns fund manager

Jeffrey Gundlach interview — Corporate debt is the biggest risk

‘Big Short’ investor Steve Eisman just joined those sounding the alarm on rising corporate debt

The sub-prime timebomb is back — this time companies are lighting the fuse

How a corporate debt pileup could intensify the global economic slowdown

U.S. Corporate Debt Maturing In Five Years Rises To Over $2 Trillion

The Next Recession: Mark Zandi says corporate debt could cause ‘reckoning’

When Blue Chip Companies Pile on Debt, It’s Time to Worry

US commercial bankruptcies are soaring

A $9 trillion corporate debt bomb is ‘bubbling’ in the US economy

Investors to Corporate America: You’ve got a debt problem

Corporate Debt Crises Could Come Faster and Harder

After PG&E, keep an eye on corporate debt

Gundlach’s warning on ‘ocean of debt’ adds to worries over corporate bonds

Goldman Sachs is worried big companies are stifling competition, holding down wages and growth.

The Entire Economy Is MoviePass Now. Enjoy It While You Can.

It’s time to break up the FAANGs (FB, APPL, AMZN, NFLX, GOOGL)

A call to save democracy by battling monopolies

Companies’ pursuit of high profits is making the rich richer at everyone else’s expense, according to new research

Economists Get Serious About the Harm From Monopolies

Big companies are crushing their competition in the US, and it’s creating a dangerous ‘fake capitalism’ that hurts workers and consumers

Wolf of Wall Street’s Jordan Belfort: ‘The lessons of the crash have been forgotten’

Bill Gates: We will have another financial crisis like the one in 2008 — it’s a ‘certainty’

Share price valuations are at levels not seen before except in 2000 and in 1929 — the dotcom bubble and the Wall Street Crash 1929.

Nobel Prize-winning Economist Robert Shiller, The stock market today is similar to the market in 1928

Perfect storm’: Global financial system showing danger signs, says senior OECD economist

Markets are ignoring ‘major risk’ of rising interest rates and end of QE, warns Citigroup

‘Oblivious’ investors aren’t ready for the bursting of the ‘everything bubble,’ hedge-fund manager warns

The Federal Reserve inflated stock prices for years — now comes the scary unwinding

World financial structure ‘unstable’

Janet Yellen Warns Another Financial Crisis Could Be Brewing

Alan Greenspan has a new warning for investors: ‘Run for cover’

Disaster Is Inevitable When America’s Stock Market Bubble Bursts

Why Economists Failed to Predict the Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis and the Systemic Failure of Academic Economics (Colander 2009)

IMF shows poor track record at forecasting recessions

The Experts Keep Getting the Economy Wrong

Marx rate of profit

Why the Phrase ‘Late Capitalism’ Is Suddenly Everywhere

American Capitalism Isn’t Working.

Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio: ‘Capitalism basically is not working for the majority of people’

Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!

Rulers of the world: read Karl Marx!

The world is finally ready for Marxism as capitalism reaches the tipping point

Marx predicted our present crisis — and points the way out

Is Capitalism a Threat to Democracy?

Capitalism no longer working for greater good, say two of its biggest cheerleaders

France’s Message for Capitalism Is Quite Simple: Adapt or Die

Socialism is gaining in popularity, and today’s capitalism is to blame

The Young Left’s Anti-Capitalist Manifesto

Unless It Changes, Capitalism Will Starve Humanity By 2050

Billionaire investor Howard Marks: America should be worried about the ‘rising tide of anti-capitalism’

Why are millennials burned out? Capitalism.

Richard Branson: Capitalism basically is not working for the majority of people.

Exposing the great ‘poverty reduction’ lie

The top 26 billionaires are as wealthy as 3.8 billion people

Wealth inequality ‘out of control,’ Oxfam warns

Bill Gates says poverty is decreasing. He couldn’t be more wrong

Billionaires take more than they make

Gap between rich and poor growing, fueling global anger: Oxfam

World’s wealthiest saw their fortunes increase by $2.5 billion a day in 2018: Oxfam

World’s 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam

Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030

World’s witnessing a new Gilded Age as billionaires’ wealth swells to $6tn

Credit Suisse: The world’s wealthiest 1% own half of the worlds wealth

These charts show the extreme concentration of global wealth

The mathematical law that shows why wealth flows to the 1%

Wealth Of 9 Richest Indians Equivalent To Bottom 50% Of Country: Report

Abolish Billionaires

In America, a third to nearly a half of all wealth is inherited rather than self-made.

Real Median Household Income in the United States

In the past, median income rose in line with GDP. Yet since 2000, median income has stagnated

Middle class no longer dominates in the U.S.

The average American household carries $137,063 in debt, according to the Federal Reserve

Almost 80% of US workers live from paycheck to paycheck

Compensation of Employees: Wages and Salary Accruals/Gross Domestic Product

Consumer debt hits $4 trillion

Living paycheck to paycheck is disturbingly common: “I see no way out.”

Americans see themselves in debt forever, even as they continue to borrow

40% of Americans only one missed paycheck away from poverty

A fifth of Americans say they have zero savings

The top 1% of households own more wealth than the bottom 90 per cent.

The richest 1% own 50% of stocks held by American households

Most Americans Received No Pay Increase In 2018

Real Wage Growth Is Actually Falling

Income inequality is rising so fast, data can’t keep up

Wealth concentration returning to ‘levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties,’ according to new research

Federal Reserve chair calls income inequality the biggest challenge in next 10 years

It’s been almost 100 years since America’s 1% had this much wealth

Most Americans Think the Current Economic System Is Skewed Toward the Wealthy, Says Study

Feeling poorer? That’s because “real” wages fell last year

The Shrinking Middle Class: The Current State of Affairs

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: We’re Headed for Oligarchy

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett are wealthier than poorest half of US

More than half of Americans say they didn’t get a pay raise this year

US wealth inequality — top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%

Up with the Wealth Gap!

Survival of the richest: All are equal, except those who aren’t

In America, inequality begins in the womb

Extreme Inequality: 44% of US adults cannot cover an emergency expense costing $400. UN Special Report

Top 1.0 percent reaches highest wages ever — up 157 percent since 1979

Politicians have caused a pay ‘collapse’ for the bottom 90 percent of workers, researchers say

Adjusted for inflation, the federal minimum wage is worth less than 50 years ago

The Wealth Gap in the U.S. Is Worse Than In Russia or Iran

78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart

Get Rich, Live Longer: The Ultimate Consequence of Income Inequality

American’s personal savings is near an all time low

Human health and the Great Recession

Nearly 1 In 4 Feel They’ll Never Escape From Significant Debt

Too Many Americans Will Never Be Able to Retire

The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017

A new billionaire is minted every 2 days as the poor lose wealth

How Economic Inequality Inflicts Real Biological Harm

Europe’s Middle Class Is Shrinking. Spain Bears Much of the Pain.

The top 26 billionaires own $1.4 trillion — as much as 3.8 billion other people

Here’s how the global financial crisis is still affecting your wages

World’s eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%

Wealth Inequality Is Way Worse Than You Think, And Tax Havens Play A Big Role

CEOs earn 361 times more than the average U.S. worker

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck

Dimon, Schwarzman and Other Davos A-Listers Add $175 Billion in 10 Years

Super-rich early Amazon investor: Wealth gap crisis is the ‘direct result’ of ‘moral failure’

The World Income Database found the U.S. has the highest inequality among all Western countries

The decline of African-American and Hispanic wealth since the Great Recession

Declining wages across all Education levels
Declining Union Membership VS Income Inequality
The share of national income accruing to labor is hovering around record lows
USA Income inequality vs Political Polarization

Polarized Americans Rate Environment Worst since 2009 –Gallup

For the first time since the 1940s, Americans have been asking: Can it happen here?

Obama warns: if America stays so divided, our democracy and economy won’t survive

Loss of newspapers contributes to political polarization

Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

The Global Rise of ‘Us vs. Them’ Politics

How America’s identity politics went from inclusion to division

Why is it so stressful to talk politics with the other side?

Alec Baldwin: ‘We Need To Overthrow The Government’

‘American War’ — a grim novel about a second American Civil War

In America, talk turns to something unspoken for 150 years: Civil war

Former McCain adviser: Trump has ‘stoked a cold civil war’ in America

Slow motion civil war

Is a Second American Civil War Likely? 31% of Americans Think So

I think we’re at the beginning of a soft civil war

Russian Official Cancels US Visit, Saying ‘Second American Civil War’ Is Underway

Is America headed for a new civil war? Fury, violence and now bombs show a US deeply divided

Is America headed for civil war?

Another ‘Civil War’? Pessimism About Political Violence Deepens In A Divided Nation

What are the chances that America’s disunion turns into Civil War?

A New American Civil War Feels Closer Than Ever After Pittsburgh

Iowa Rep. Steve King says America is heading toward another civil war

Steve King posts meme saying red states have ‘8 trillion bullets’ in event of civil war

Is America Headed for a New Kind of Civil War?

Clinton, Obama, Soros and CNN mailings mark trail to civil war

The American civil war didn’t end. And Trump is a Confederate president

Is America headed toward a civil war? Sanders, Nielsen incidents show it has already begun

Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s guest says the country is ‘in a civil war’ — and people should ‘buy guns’

Is France showing us what America’s next civil war will look like?

The country is hopelessly split. So why not make it official and break up?

It’s Time For The United States To Divorce Before Things Get Dangerous

The worst American politics since the Civil War

How a Real Civil War Between Rich and Poor Could Actually Happen

Joe diGenova’s advice to patriots: It’s a ‘civil war’ — ‘I buy guns’

Bernstein: US in a ‘cold civil war’ Trump may ignite

Are we headed for Civil War 2.0?

The Only Thing, Historically, That’s Curbed Inequality: Catastrophe

Is Nuclear War the Only Cure for Inequality?


The labor participation rate across the world is dropping rapidly. You may be inclined to believe the official unemployment numbers, but, they are a poor indicator of employment statistics. Let us take the United States as an example. The labor participation rates have dropped way below the rates when 1980’s recession unfolded.

Don’t believe the lies about the US being at ‘full employment’

The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment — Gallup

Misleading unemployment numbers may be prompting the Fed and the Bank of England to make a huge error

Unemployment in the US is historically low, but wage growth is sluggish — and no one seems to know exactly why

Best U.S. Job Numbers Ever? Not If You’re Out of Work for a Year

Over 20% of Americans in their prime working years (between the ages of 25–54) do not have a job

Almost all the US jobs created since 2005 are temporary

The lost decade for the economy

Citigroup Ready To Replace “Tens Of Thousands” Of Call-Center Workers With Robots

The outlook is dim for Americans without college degrees

A record number of robots were put to work across North America in 2018, report says

Busting the ‘Trucker Shortage’ Myth

More on the ‘lie’ behind the unemployment numbers

Unemployment in the UK is now so low it’s in danger of exposing the lie used to create the numbers

Automation has hurt labor-force participation, and it’s going to get worse, IMF finds

47% of jobs will vanish in the next 25 years, say Oxford University researchers

Automation is set to hit the heartland the hardest — again

Robots are hurting middle class workers, and education won’t solve the problem, Larry Summers says

White-Collar Robots Are Coming for Jobs

This Thriving City — and Many Others — Could Soon Be Disrupted by Robots

Automation could kill 73 million U.S. jobs by 2030

How Technology Is Destroying Jobs — MIT

New Oxford study shows nearly half of US jobs at risk of computerization

Small cities face greater impact from automation

Rise of the Robolawyers

Walmart’s Future Workforce: Robots and Freelancers

The “skills gap” was a lie

Automation and anxiety

The robots are coming — for as many as 800 million jobs

What if jobs are not the solution but the problem

These Are the 12 Employers Who Have Laid Off the Most Workers This Year

Amazon lays off hundreds of employees

Tech layoffs surged in 2016, and 2017 doesn’t look much brighter

Goldman Sachs Announces Its Biggest Layoffs Since Financial Crisis

IBM Layoffs 2018: What We Know About the Job Cuts

Cisco’s Layoffs Are Just the Tip of the Spear for Tech

​Harley-Davidson to cut U.S. manufacturing jobs

Microsoft plans thousands of job cuts

Apple Plans to Cut Back on Hiring Due to iPhone Sales Struggles

Walmart is reportedly planning to cut over 1,000 corporate jobs

Caterpillar announces undisclosed number of layoffs

Lego to cut 1,400 jobs and ‘reset company’ after sales drop

GE Is Laying Off 12,000 People From Its Power Business

Kellogg job cuts are ‘devastating news’ -Union

Pfizer Expecting Layoffs as it Ends Alzheimer’s Drug Research

AT&T Preps for New Layoffs Despite Billions in Tax Breaks and Regulatory Favors

Toys ‘R’ Us lays off 31,000 employees: No job and no severance

Barnes & Noble Is Laying Off Workers Amid Declining Sales

Kleenex and Huggies Maker to Cut More Than 5,000 Jobs

State Farm to Close 11 Offices, Cut Some 4,200 Jobs, After 2016 $7B Loss

Macy’s is closing 68 stores — laying off around 4,000 employees

Lowe’s Will Lay Off More Than 500 Workers

Homeless People Outside New York City Are Pushing for More Help

U.S. homeless population tops 550,000 — with Los Angeles seeing ‘26%’ spike

1 in 7 New York City Elementary Students Will Be Homeless, Report Says

L.A.’s Homelessness has surged 75% in six years

Retail apocalypse: 4,810 closures in first three months of 2019

Minnesota’s homeless population reaches record high number

How rising rents contribute to homelessness

1 in 5 L.A. community college students is homeless, survey finds

Homelessness Rises Slightly, Federal Report Finds

Homelessness growing at faster rate in Massachusetts than any other state

Thanksgiving help for the homeless: ‘We haven’t seen numbers like this since the Great Depression’

Indianapolis Homeless population on the rise as mayor challenges community to curb issue

The impact homelessness and the opioid crisis are having on San Francisco streets

L.A.’s Housing Crisis Hits Hollywood: The Entertainment Workers Living in Their Cars

Atlanta’s homeless population triples as officials move them into the Airport

Homeless population up in the panhandle

U.S. homeless shelters overwhelmed in brutal weather

Silicon Valley — working and homeless

Seattle’s homeless population grows more than 40-percent in two years

A record number of homeless people died in Seattle in 2017

Letter Promising to ‘Beat’ and “Burn” Homeless People in San Francisco Strikes Fear

Revealed: homeless people given one-way tickets to other areas

Homeless family of 4 found dead in parked van

“It was the hardest week of my life” Executive Director of Homeless Shelter spends week homeless

Homeless man dies on ‘doorstep’ of Houses of Parliament

Chart Source

Distressed Communities: Map of Unemployment Rate, Education, Housing, and Poverty by Congressional District

US has regressed to developing nation status, MIT economist warns

The Middle Class Is Shrinking Everywhere — In Chicago It’s Almost Gone

America’s Shrinking Middle Class: A Close Look at Changes Within Metropolitan Areas

Almost half of US families can’t afford basics like rent and food

America Is Poorer Than It Thinks

U.S. Is a Rich Country With Symptoms of a Developing Nation

The US has a lot of money, but it does not look like a developed country

OSU study: Nearly 2/3 of US kids live in ‘asset poverty’

New York City is edging toward financial disaster, experts warn

Having a ‘good’ job in America no longer makes you financially secure

“You feel so overwhelmed”: Fed reports $1 trillion increase in Americans’ debt

A minimum-wage worker needs 2.5 full-time jobs to afford a one-bedroom apartment in most of the US

Extreme poverty in America: read the UN special monitor’s report

Childhood poverty has a lasting impact on developing brain, finds study

There are over 43 million people currently living in poverty in the United States

13 million people in poverty are disconnected from the social safety net. Most of them are white.

The Crushing Logistics of Raising a Family Paycheck to Paycheck

At least 1.5 million households in the United States with about 3 million children are surviving on cash incomes of no more than $2 per day

Extreme poverty has nearly doubled since major welfare reform efforts in the 1990s

Poverty is moving to the suburbs. The war on poverty hasn’t followed

A Shocking Number of American Families Can’t Afford Diapers

Child poverty in the U.S. is among the worst in the developed world

This Week in Poverty: US Single Mothers — ’The Worst Off’’

The Kaiser Family Foundation has poverty rates at 27% for African Americans and 24% for Hispanics

The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles “Explodes” As The Middle Class Collapses

Working to 70 is not an easy fix to the retirement crisis

These numbers prove African-Americans still haven’t recovered from the financial crisis

China was barely a statistical rounding error in 1978, with less than 1 percent of global trade, China rose to become in 2013 the world’s leading trading nation with almost a quarter of its annual flows. Nothing on this scale or speed has been witnessed before in history. Since 1970, Asia’s per capita incomes have increased fivefold. Even in Africa, the world’s worst performing continent, incomes have almost doubled. The west’s median income, meanwhile, has barely shifted in the last half century.

In arguing for China’s entry to the World Trade Organization, Bill Clinton, the then US president, said globalization was ‘the economic equivalent of a force of nature, like wind or water’. In addition, he argued that China’s entry would reduce America’s bilateral trade defect by binding China to lower tariff rates on its imports. Following China’s WTO accession in 2001, America’s trade defect with China has leapt almost five fold. It is clear, in retrospect, that Beijing had better grasp of the global economy’s dynamics than Washington.

In terms of purchasing power parity — measured by what you can buy in the local currency — China economy surpassed the US in 2014. Within a decade, give or take a few years, China will overtake America on more conventional dollar measures. By 2050 — a century after its communist revolution — China’s economy is likely to be twice the size of America’s and larger than all the Western economies combined. And by then, even India’s economy will be roughly the same size as America’s.

Edward Luce

The Retreat of Western Liberalism Atlantic Monthly Press, New York, 2017

Economic Mobility studies show it’s harder to climb the economic ladder in America than in Europe, and twice as hard as in Canada.

Americans Have Lost Faith In Their Ability To Move From Poverty To Riches

Meritocracy is a myth invented by the rich

An alarming number of Americans are worse off than their parents and we’re not talking about it

Fewer Americans are making more than their parents did — especially if they grew up in the middle class

More Than Half Of All College Grads Are Working Jobs That Don’t Even Require A Degree

Half Of College Grads Are Working Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

Felicity Huffman among dozens charged over admissions fraud at top US schools

Will more higher education improve economic growth?

Textbook costs have risen nearly 1000% since the 70's

The economics of higher education

Petroleum engineering degrees seen going from boom to bust

Students are turning to sex work for extra money but experts warn universities are ignoring the issue

U.S. Student Loan Debt Sets Record $1.5 trillion, Doubling Since Recession

The looming student loan default crisis is worse than we thought

Student Loan Debt Statistics In 2019: A $1.5 Trillion Crisis

Federal Reserve chairman: Mounting student debt could hold back economic growth

U.S. Student-Loan Delinquencies Hit Record

Is College still worth it? It’s complicated.

Despite the economic recovery, student debtors’ ‘monster in the closet’ has only worsened

What to do with homeless college students? Let them sleep in the parking lot, new bill says

What a Student Loan ‘Bubble’ Bursting Might Look Like

U.S. Student Debt in ‘Serious Delinquency’ Tops $166 Billion

U.S. Student Debt in `Serious Delinquency’ Tops $166 Billion

Student debt may inch the US towards the next crisis

Fed Says Student Debt Has Hurt the U.S. Housing Market

Janet Yellen warns student debt may be holding back housing recovery

This Economic Bubble Is Going to Wreak Havoc When It Bursts

Rural America’s “brain drain”: How student debt is emptying small towns

Think college students are privileged? Nearly a third are hungry and homeless

The financial crisis is far from over for students

Millions of College Students Are Going Hungry: A new government report highlights just how pervasive the problem is

Young People Are Doomed by Student Loans, Not the National Debt

Who Foots the Bill? Families Fight Over College Debt

Seniors, too, are drowning in student loan debt

Percentage of Young Americans Living With Parents Rises to 75-Year High

The number of adults living with their parents has doubled since 1995

Millennial households are poorer than any other generation: Study

Millennials buried in debt can’t buy into American Dream

Millennials Face $1 Trillion Debt as Student Loans Pile Up

Millennial debt passes $1 trillion

Millennials born in 1980s may never recover from the Great Recession

Millennial depression on the rise, study says

Nearly 50% of millennials have nothing saved, according to a 2018 report

Nearly a million more young adults now live with parents — study

Millennials are killing countless industries — but the Fed says it’s mostly just because they’re poor

The Fleecing of Millennials

All the ways Gen X is financially wrecked

Millennials’ pay still stunted by the 2008 financial crash

New York’s millennials are waiting tables to pay off student loans

Me and my quarter-life crisis: a millennial asks what went wrong

Millennials struggle to afford homes over high debt, no savings

Some millennials aren’t saving for retirement because they don’t think capitalism will exist by then

Millennials are struggling. Is it the fault of the baby boomers?

Millennials say anxiety about money is literally making them sick

Young People have never been unhappier, research suggests

1 in 5 millennials with debt expect to die without ever paying it off

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation

Millennials Didn’t Kill the Economy. The Economy Killed Millennials.

Home ownership among young adults has ‘collapsed’, study finds

A $21,000 Cosmetology School Debt, and a $9-an-Hour Job

Millennials are spending an insane amount on rent

66% of Millennials have nothing saved for retirement.

Poll: Majority of millennials are in debt, hitting pause on major life events

Hollywood is suffering its worst-attended summer movie season in 25 years

2017 was the worst year for Hollywood movie ticket sales in the US in over two decades

Can Hollywood’s Biggest Media Companies Avoid Getting Crushed by Debt?

U.S. Real Estate 25% to 60% Overvalued: Analyst

Housing market reminiscent of 2006 bubble, ready to burst — Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller

Why bubble-era home mortgages are a disaster waiting to happen

You need to earn $418,000 to buy home in NYC. Here’s what you need in other major US cities

The current bubble could take 2 paths on this chart — one’s nastier than the other

Higher home prices mean more Americans struggling to afford homes near work

More than 1 in 11 mortgaged properties in the U.S. is considered “seriously underwater”

San Francisco’s Median House Price Hits a New High: $1.6 Million

You can buy an entire town in Georgia for the cost of a typical home in San Francisco

West Coast real estate is now so expensive that married couples are moving in with multiple roommates

Home prices soar high as Federal Reserve hopes to avoid big crash

New York’s luxury real estate market is in correction

The same house costs $500,000 more to build in California than Texas

Rising Home Prices Push Borrowers Deeper Into Debt

Median income insufficient to buy a home — even cheap ones, Zillow reports

U.S. Fertility Rate Reaches a Record Low

The U.S. birthrate hits another record low. Even women in their 30s are having fewer babies

The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting

US population growth hits 80-year low, capping off a year of demographic stagnation

Americans aren’t making enough babies to replace ourselves

Hackers breach dozens of voting machines brought to conference

Russians compromised election systems in seven states

When Russian hackers targeted the U.S. election infrastructure

Top-Secret NSA Report: Details Russian Hacking Effort Days before 2016 Election

The Pentagon’s Cybersecurity Is Falling Behind

Global Cyberattack Could Cause Economic Damage of $85b-$193b, Report Finds

How America Lost Its Mind

How Americans Began Denying Reality Itself

Science journalist retires at 98 and warns of Americans who suffer from a ‘thinking disability’

Researchers find IQ scores dropping since the 1970s

‘Never underestimate human stupidity,’ says historian whose fans include Bill Gates and Barack Obama

Actual Journalism Is Under an Asymmetrical Attack

Religious fundamentalists and dogmatic individuals are more likely to believe fake news, finds a new study

Right-wing individuals are more tolerant of the spreading of misinformation by politicians

Fake news sharing in US is a rightwing thing, says Oxford study

Older people, conservatives more likely to share fake news: study

Study: Fake news may have won Trump the election

UN Special Rapporteur: Donald Trump ‘worst perpetrator’ of fake news

59 percent of Americans consider this the lowest point in US history

Americans are more anxious than before

The US spends more money on their military (about $610 billion this year) than the next seven countries combined. War Spending Could Bankrupt America.

The US Department of Defense is the Worlds Largest Employer

The US is the Worlds Largest Arms Dealer

MSU Scholars find $21 Trillion in Unauthorized Government Spending

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure

Former VP of Boeing with no military experience is now the ‘acting’ US Secretary of Defense

The Pentagon reportedly dropped $4.6 million on crab and lobster and bought a $9,000 chair in a last-minute spending spree

The Pentagon’s doctored ledgers conceal epic waste

The Pentagon Doesn’t Know Where Its Money Goes

The United States Has a Superb Military That Never Gets the Job Done

The Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety.

Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

Military survey finds deep dissatisfaction with family housing on U.S. bases

Trump Finds Reason for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan: Minerals

The US government spends $20 billion annually just to provide air conditioning for military installations in Iraq and Afghanistan. In essence, what we’re doing is “we’re air conditioning the desert

A government audit, found that defense contractor Boeing has been massively overcharging taxpayers for mundane parts, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in overspending.

Once all the expenses of delivering gas to troops in the field are factored in, we’re paying between $18–30 per gallon for gas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US military ‘could lose its next war’ with Russia or China, warns Rand Corporation

The US has been getting ‘its ass handed to it’ in war games simulating fights against Russia and China

Army Study: US strategy to ‘dethrone’ Putin for oil pipelines might provoke WW3

Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks

Libya in chaos since overthrow of Kadhafi

US ‘might lose’ war against China or Russia, report to Congress says

National debt hits new milestone, topping $22 trillion

The US has the largest federal debt in the entire world

The Debt Threat to the Economy

Gundlach Warns U.S. Economy Is Floating on ‘an Ocean of Debt’

Janet Yellen: A debt crisis is coming

Fed Chairman Powell says he is ‘very worried’ about growing amount of U.S. debt

Fed Chair Powell: ‘The U.S. federal government is on an unsustainable fiscal path’

The Debt Crisis Is Coming Soon

In a decade, the federal debt held by the public will reach nearly $82,000 per American

US National debt rose to record high $21.974 trillion at the end of 2018

As Debt Rises, the Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Than on the Military

Federal Budget Deficit Projected to Soar to Over $1 Trillion in 2020

Trump shrugs off future debt crisis: ‘I won’t be here’

US national debt rises $2 trillion under Trump

U.S. Treasury Set to Borrow $1 Trillion for a Second Year to Finance the Deficit

The debt is still out of control

Federal debt bomb moves closer to detonating

The US national debt problem is only getting worse

US GDP Minus Debt
US Debt VS Full Time Jobs Created
Just Four Large Countries Have a Higher Debt Burden Than the U.S.

Total Public Debt as Percent of Gross Domestic Product Tops 104%

Debt Denial Is a Threat to America

Top Economist: America: The Future Looks Broke

Professor Laurence Kotlikoff from the University of Boston is, according to The Economist, one of the 25 most influential economists in the world. He says America’s official debt paints an untrue fiscal picture.

“The problem is the official debt is only the debts that politicians decide to put on to the books. Politicians are able and free to put whatever they want on to the books and keep other things off the books.” What doesn’t get recorded is the value of all future government liabilities and the value of all future receipts, what he calls fiscal gap accounting. Future liabilities would be social security benefits, pensions, health care benefits and defence. These liabilities minus future receipts gives the true picture, Kotlikoff says.

“For the US, the fiscal gap is not $US20 trillion, which is the size of the official debt, but it’s $US200 trillion, ten times larger. So the country’s bankrupt.”

The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs

The World Is Drowning in Debt

Rising Emerging-Market Debt Sparks Anxiety

Government debt hits record $66 trillion, 80% of global GDP, Fitch says

China central bank chief warns of ‘Minsky moment’

China’s grand plan hit by delays and debt fears

Debt, Not Trade War, Is China’s Biggest Problem

Bass Says China Is ‘Just a Paper Tiger’

As China’s debt soars, the market for buying bad loans revs up

China’s Silk Road Isn’t So Smooth

China’s looming great wall of debt may have ‘major global implications’

China and emerging market debt bubble set to burst

George Soros warns the European Union is on the brink of collapse — and Trump is partly to blame

American investor Jim Rogers warns of severe economic downturn and forecasts grim future for Japan

IMF chief warns of high Arab public debt

Japan’s debt passes 250% of GDP

Italy could blow up Europe as we know it

Italy has excessive economic imbalances, a risk to euro zone: EU

Why Italy’s Debts Are Europe’s Big Problem

Europe Is Emerging as the Real Weak Link for Global Economy

Brazil tumbles deeper into its worst ever depression

Government Intervention is triggered by a Keynesian belief that aggregate demand can be increased by lower interest rates and by increasing government deficits thereby somehow spurring economic growth. Debt grows faster than income growth and eventually has to be restructured, i.e., everyone loses in the end. Since 2007, global debt has grown by US$57 trillion and it’s had disastrous results. Greece, Detroit, Puerto Rico, Venezuela are just the beginning of this trend. Soon, it will be followed by larger countries like China and United States.

‘WORSE THAN 2007’: Top central banker warns of looming wave of worldwide bankruptcies

Why we should all be worried about the global economy

The world is swimming in $244 trillion of debt

Total global debt tops 325 pct of GDP as government debt jumps: IIF

Explosion of global debt biggest risk to world’s financial system, Bank of Canada warns

Chilling Davos: A Bleak Warning on Global Division and Debt

Global debt rose to $237 trillion in 2017, highest level on record

Over 60% Of All New Debt Created Globally In Past Decade Was In China

The world’s mounting debt crisis must solved before it blows up in our face

Debt Worldwide Hits Record $184 Trillion, or $86,000 Per Person

World Bank CEO Adds to Voices of Worry Over Global Debt Pileup

A Worldwide Debt Default Is Coming

How global debt has changed since the financial crisis

Beware: The worldwide debt monster is rearing its ugly head

Global debt ticks up, just shy of record high -IIF

Global Debt Monitor

Retail defaults soar to record high in 2018

A Nation of Broke People Are Killing Retail More Than Amazon: Top Expert

Don’t Blame Amazon for the Retail Apocalypse

These haunting photos reveal the retail apocalypse ripping through America

Are more store closings coming? Firm forecasts ‘No light at the end of the tunnel’

More than 5,300 stores are closing in 2019 as the retail apocalypse drags on

Online sales only make up 9 percent of all retail sales in America

America’s ‘Retail Apocalypse’ Is Really Just Beginning

Europe’s Retail Apocalypse Spreads to Online From Stores

Walmart is quietly closing stores — here’s the full list

J.Crew is kicking off 2019 with a set of store closings

Payless ShoeSource will close all 2,100 shoe stores in biggest retail liquidation ever

The continuation of the ‘retail apocalypse’: Retailers closed thousands of stores in 2018

Sears plans to liquidate after 126 years in business

What in the World Is Causing the Retail Meltdown of 2017?

A tsunami of store closings is about to hit the US — and it’s expected to eclipse the carnage of 2017

Retailers Are Going Bankrupt at a Record Pace

More than 6,300 stores are shutting down — here’s the full list

JCPenney stock falls below $1 for the first time ever

Payless ShoeSource to close all US stores, file for bankruptcy again: report

Owners of failing malls ‘on their knees’ as buyers disappear

Mall Vacancies Reach Six-Year High as Retail Slump Batters Local Economies

Around half of all shopping Malls in America are scheduled to close by 2023

This Mall Is Only for the Rich, and It’s Doing Fine

Victoria’s Secret to close 20 stores in 2018

Online sales only make up 9 percent of all retail sales in America.

The Big Mac index

More Americans Are Getting Their Electricity Cut Off

The Fed says inflation is low but you don’t agree.

Hospitals’ prices keep going up

Prepare to Pay More for Diapers, Clorox and Cat Litter

Why Your Water Bill Is Rising Much Faster Than Inflation

Government to Cigna: Drug Pricing is Broken

Senators tell drug company executives pricing is ‘morally repugnant’

Drug companies greet 2019 with U.S. price hikes on more than 250 prescription drugs

Drug companies are sitting on generics — 43% of recently approved aren’t for sale

America’s Insanely Expensive Child Care Is a Serious Economic Problem

Higher tuition fees are distorting the choices poorer students make

Why the US has higher drug prices than other countries

10 charts that show the effect of tuition fees

Affordable Water in the US: A Burgeoning Crisis

Insulin has become so expensive that this diabetic is trying to make his own

Big Pharma returning to U.S. price hikes in January after pause

When companies raise prices, they make the rich richer at everyone else’s expense, study finds

The U.S. healthcare system: ranked worst in the developed world

U.S. Health Care Spending Highest Among Developed Countries

This is the real reason most Americans file for bankruptcy

Americans Are Going Bankrupt From Getting Sick

Michigan Blue Cross CEO’s $19.2M pay is higher than Ford, FCA bosses

Americans Far Less Healthy, Die Younger Than Global Peers, Study Finds

The U.S. drops to 35th place in a ranking of the world’s healthiest countries. That’s lower than Cuba

Why private, for-profit health care is a terrible idea

42% of new cancer patients lose their life savings

Critical condition: The crisis of rural medical care

CDC: One-third of uninsured can’t afford to take drugs as prescribed

To end the HIV epidemic, addressing poverty and inequities one of most important treatments

Almost half of all US adults have heart disease, study says

Low-Income Workers Are Less Likely to Receive Employer-Funded Insurance

World Health Organization — World Healthcare Rankings: United States (37)

Medical Bills Are the Biggest Cause of US Bankruptcies: Study

American babies are 76% more likely to die before their first birthday than those born in other wealthy countries

Coke and CDC, Atlanta icons, share cozy relationship, emails show

Rural hospitals are collapsing throughout Tennessee, creating health care deserts in poor, far-flung towns where residents are the most vulnerable.

Stripper turned pharma exec gave doctor a lap dance to get him to prescribe fentanyl spray, officials say

Why medical bills in the US are so expensive

Big Pharma shells out $20B each year to schmooze docs, $6B on drug ads

U.S. health care industry spends $30 billion a year on marketing

A $20,243 bike crash: Zuckerberg hospital’s aggressive tactics leave patients with big bills

Drug company made rap video to push for higher doses, sales

Two-thirds of Americans see docs who got paid by drug companies

Dollars for Docs -ProPublica

What It’s Like Living Without Health Insurance in America

Majority of Americans are one medical emergency away from financial ruin

The health care industry is bound to collapse soon, experts say

Here’s how much being unhealthy will cost you

CDC banned from using ‘evidence-based’ and ‘science-based’ in official documents: report

The Disappearing Doctor: How Mega-Mergers Are Changing the Business of Medical Care

Former pharma CEO pleads guilty to bribing doctors to prescribe addictive opioids

Why do poor Americans eat so unhealthfully? Because junk food is the only indulgence they can afford

Americans Are Shrinking, While Chinese And Koreans Sprout Up

Why the Wealthy Are Healthy

Wealth secures health

Physicians, Depression and Burnout

US infrastructure report card: D+

US infrastructure is crumbling, and it needs lots of money to fix it: Civil engineer group

America’s infrastructure is falling apart — here’s a look at how bad things have gotten

More than 50,000 American bridges are falling apart

The State of U.S. Infrastructure -Council on Foreign Relations

Major Power Outages In New York City, San Francisco Come Amid Worries About Failing Infrastructure

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

America’s Virtual Border Wall Is a 1,954-Mile-Long Money Pit

U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing

Chevron CEO warns US shale oil alone cannot meet the world’s growing demand for crude

Schlumberger CEO: Can U.S. shale meet future global oil demand?

Shale Oil Will Boost U.S. Production, But It Won’t Bring Energy Independence

It takes 2,500 shale wells a year just to sustain output of 1 million barrels a day in North Dakota’s Bakken shale, according to IEA. Iraq could do the same with 60 conventional wells.

Firms that burn up $1bn a year are sexy but statistically doomed

Problems for US Producers at $50

More than 75% of dedicated US shale oil companies are unprofitable

US Shale Companies Facing “Catastrophic Failure” over Ballooning Debt

Can U.S. Shale Overcome Its Cash Flow Problem?

Fracing’s Secret Problem — Wells Aren’t Producing as Much as Companies Forecast

U.S. Oil Has One Fatal Weakness

Wall Street Loses Faith In Shale

BP questions pace of US tight oil growth as productivity fades

The IEA is grossly overestimating shale growth

Peak U.S. Shale Could Be 4 Years Away

Is Peak Permian Only 3 Years Away?

BP questions pace of US tight oil growth as productivity fades

Shale Skeptic Forecasts Imminent Demise for Permian and Eagle Ford

Shale Produces Oil, Why Not Cash?

U.S. Shale Has A Glaring Problem

America Is Producing the Wrong Kind of Oil

Big Fracking Profits at $50 a Barrel? Don’t Bet on It

Shale Trailblazer Turns Skeptic on Soaring U.S. Oil Production

Is Wall Street Funding A Shale Failure?

Hedge fund star David Einhorn calls fracking companies a joke

How the Financial Crisis Created the Fracking Revolution

Wall Street Tells Frackers to Stop Counting Barrels, Start Making Profits

The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground

Could Fracking Industry Debt Trigger a Financial Crisis?

The Shale Gas Revolution Is A Media Myth

Insider Documents: Industry Privately Skeptical of Shale Gas

US Shale: How Smoke And Mirrors Could Cost Investors Millions

US shale investors still waiting on payoff from oil boom

US Real Cost per Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Dry Well Drilled -EIA

As M. King Hubbert (1956) shows, peak oil is about discovering less oil, and eventually producing less oil due to lack of discovery.

Oil Discoveries Recover, But Still Far From Replacing Output

RYSTAD: 2018 Oil discoveries 9.4 billion barrels

Oil discoveries in 2017 hit all-time low –Houston Chronicle

All-Time Low For Discovered Resources in 2017: Around 7 Billion Barrels of Oil Equivalent

Global crude oil discoveries plunge to record low, and it’s gonna get worse

Warning of oil shortages as discoveries fall to record low

Oil Discoveries at 70-Year Low Signal Supply Shortfall Ahead

The Oil Industry Needs Large New Discoveries, Very Soon

Peak Oil & Drastic Oil Shortages Imminent, Says IEA

Oil peak likely by 2025, according to the International Energy Agency

There will be an oil shortage in the 2020’s, Goldman Sachs says

Growing demand for oil will lead to shortage and high prices in 2020s

Is An Oil Supply Crunch Looming?

IEA: Crunching the numbers: are we heading for an oil supply shock?

Sleepwalking Into The Next Oil Crisis

Is An Oil Supply Crunch Inevitable? -Nasdaq

The Inevitable Oil Supply Crunch

Oil Executive: Industry Needs To Find ‘Another Iraq Or North Sea’ Every Year To Meet Demand Growth

IEA Chief warns of world oil shortages by 2020 as discoveries fall to record lows

IEA warns of oil supply crunch after 2020

IEA 2018 World Energy Outlook: Peak oil is here, oil crunch by 2023

Oil Market Reliance on U.S. Shale Potential Is Risky, IEA Says

Why the IEA is worried about an oil supply crunch

Oil price will soar without investment in capacity, says watchdog

International Energy Agency: Oil price spike coming in 2020

Saudi Arabian oil reserves are overstated by 40% — Wikileaks

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Warns of World Oil Shortages Ahead

Saudi Aramco chief warns of looming oil shortage

Saudi Aramco CEO believes oil shortage coming despite U.S. shale boom

Saudi Aramco CEO sees oil supply shortage coming as investments, discoveries drop

Saudi Arabia ‘may run out of oil to export by 2030’

The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable

An oil crisis may be brewing — and it’s not because of decreasing demand

Venezuela’s collapse is a window into how the Oil Age will unravel

10 Trillion Investment Needed To Avoid Massive Oil Price Spike Says OPEC

The underinvestment could cause a super-spike “potentially much larger than” $150 a barrel.

UAE warns of world oil shortages ahead by 2020 due to industry spending cuts

Halliburton CEO says oil will spike due to oil shortages by 2020 after Industry Cuts

Total CEO warns we are going to have oil shortages around 2020 due to lack of investment & new discoveries

Repsol boss warns of oil supply crunch after spending squeeze

Wood Mackenzie warns of oil and gas supply crunch

Permian Won’t Be Enough — Prepare for Supply Gap and ‘a Decade of Disorder’

Oil shortages could push prices all the way to $80, commodities expert says

Oil is escaping from ‘purgatory,’ as supply fears shift from glut to shortage

World Oil Shortages To Lead To Oil Price Spike By 2020s, warns Goldman Sachs VP

UBS Global Bank warns of industry slowdown and world Oil Shortages by 2020

The underinvestment could cause a super-spike “potentially much larger than” $150 a barrel.

Citigroup CEO Ed Morse warns of oil shortages coming soon

2020s To Be A Decade of Disorder For Oil

All That New Shale Oil May Not Be Enough as Big Discoveries Drop

Wood Mackenzie warns of oil supply crunch and world oil shortages around 2020

People are almost completely ignoring a looming crisis for oil

Energy watchdog warns oil and electricity shortages could develop as investment falls

Opec believed to overstate oil reserves by 70%

How an oil glut could swiftly turn to an oil shortage — Houston Chronicle

IEA: Warning: Oil supplies are running out fast

Why investors’ should brace for a devastating oil shortage ahead

The decline of the world’s major oil fields

North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources Director “We could have worldwide oil crisis by 2021”

50% Of Proved Oil Reserves May Have Just Vanished

It Will Take 131 Years To Replace Oil, And We’ve Only Got 10

IEA: Russia’s oil output to reach its peak in 2020

Russia’s Peak Oil Production Could Be Just Three Years Away

Russia plans to reduce oil production in 2022

Mexico Oil Reserves Gone in 9 Years Without New Finds

Imminent peak oil could burst US, global economic bubble — study

Peak Oil And The Fall Of The Soviet Union: Lessons On The 20th Anniversary Of The Collapse

Peak Oil May Be Imminent (Reynolds 2015) International Association for Energy Economics

Peak oil is not a myth -The Royal Society of Chemistry

The future of oil supply –The Royal Society of Science

Peak Oil: Theory or Myth? -Live Science

Has Petroleum Production Peaked, Ending the Era of Easy Oil?

Predicting Peak Oil (Hall 2016) Science

Peak Oil may keep Climate Change in Check

A Regional Oil Extraction and Consumption Model. (Dittmar 2017)

HSBC Global Bank: 81% of world liquids production already in decline and world oil shortages ahead

A global energy assessment (Jefferson 2015)

World’s oil supply gone by 2041, study says

Oil’s Tipping Point Has Passed (James Murray & Sir David King 2012)

World Oil Production 2018–2050: World Energy Annual Report

Projection of World Fossil Fuels by Country (Mohr, 2015)

Economic Vulnerability to Peak Oil (Kerschner 2013)

Limitations of Oil Production to the IPCC Scenarios: The New Realities of US and Global Oil Production (Murray 2016)

We’re still on the slippery slope to peak oil

Oil shortages, climate change and collective action ( Newberry 2011)

Energy and the food system (Woods 2010)

The implications of the declining energy return on investment of oil production (Murphy 2014)

Decline and depletion rates of oil production: a comprehensive investigation (Hook 2014)

Oil Extraction, Economic Growth, and Oil Price Dynamics (Schindler 2017)

Economic Consequences Of Peak Oil For The Major Multinational Oil And Gas Companies (Amate 2018)

EROI of different fuels and the implications for society (Hall 2014)

Energy Return on Investment, Peak Oil, And the End of Economic Growth (Murphy, & Hall, 2011)

Energy Expenditure, Economic Growth, And the Minimum EROI of Society (Fizaine 2016)

Forecasting OPEC crude oil production using a variant Multicyclic Hubbert Model (Ebrahimi 2015)

Saudi Proven Crude Oil Reserves: The Myth & the Reality Revisited

Aging giant oil fields produce more than half of global oil supply and are declining (Hook, 2009)

Global oil depletion: A review of the evidence (Sorrell 2010)

Forecast for US oil and gas production (Laherrère & Hall 2018)

Forecasting the limits to the availability and diversity of global conventional oil supply: Validation (Perez 2014)

The End of Peak Oil? Why this topic is still relevant despite recent denials (Chapman, 2014)

IMF: The Future of Oil — Geology vs Technology

The End of Cheap Oil

Energy and public health: the challenge of peak petroleum (Frumkin H 2009)

USA DOE Study: Peaking of World Oil Production (Hirsch, 2005)

USA GAO Study: Uncertainty about Future Oil Supply. Addressing a Peak and Decline in Oil Production

Australian Government (Leaked) Study: concludes world peak oil around 2020

German Military (leaked) Peak Oil study: oil is used in the production of 95% of all industrial goods, so a shortage of oil would collapse the world economy & world governments

‘Peak Oil’ and the German Government

China Government Study: China’s Oil Production is About to Peak in 2018 & Coal in 2020 (Wang, 2017)

Edinburgh Study: Only 10 years of UK’S North Sea Oil and Gas Remaining (Thompson, 2017)

Russian Oil Production Outlook to 2020

Shell forecasts global Natural Gas supply shortage in mid-2020s

Chevron expects global Natural Gas supply shortage by 2025

RYSTAD: Major Natural Gas Shortage Increasingly Likely

Europe’s Biggest Natural Gas Producer Is Running Out of Fuel

Natural gas as answer to oil decline could lead to catastrophe, says leading expert

US ‘asleep at the wheel’ as nuclear industry faces collapse while climate change looms

The coming nuclear energy crunch

The end of cheap uranium (Dittmar 2013)

Can The U.S. Keep Its Nuclear Industry Afloat?

USA must take action on nuclear policy, says IEA’s Birol

Renewable energy ‘simply won’t work’: Top Google engineers

Solar and Wind produced less than two percent of total world energy in 2016 — IEA WEO 2017

Former NASA scientist and climate advocate James Hansen said “suggesting that renewables will let us phase rapidly off fossil fuels in the United States, China, India, or the world as a whole is almost the equivalent of believing in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.”

Despite renewables growth, there has never been an energy transition

It Will Take 131 Years To Replace Oil, And We’ve Only Got 10

Warning of shortage of essential minerals for laptops, cell phones, electric cars, solar panels, wiring

We Might Not Have Enough Materials for All the Solar Panels and Wind Turbines We Need

We Don’t Mine Enough Rare Earth Metals to Replace Fossil Fuels With Renewable Energy

Bill Gates: We need global ‘energy miracles’

Study predicts world economy unlikely to stop relying on fossil fuels

Do Alternative Energy Sources Displace Fossil Fuels? (York 2012)

Shortage of resources for renewable energy and food production (Rhodes 2011)

Top scientists show why powering US using 100 percent renewable energy is a delusional fantasy

Why sustainable power is unsustainable

Renewable energy mix played role in SA blackout, third AEMO report confirms

At this rate, it’s going to take nearly 400 years to transform the energy system

Desert sun in Qatar too hot for solar panels to work

Air Pollution Casts Shadow over Solar Energy Production

Solar power — largest study to date discovers 25 percent power loss across UK

Insane: Germany Will Need 3,000 Wind Turbines To Replace This Workhorse Nuke Plant


The down side to wind power

Germany’s Expensive Gamble on Renewable Energy

Germany Runs Up Against the Limits of Renewables

Why we can’t reverse climate change with ‘negative emissions’ technologies

Rebound, Backfire, and the Jevons Paradox

The Curse of Energy Efficiency

Not enough lithium to electrify transportation

Electric cars will not stop rising oil demand, says IEA chief

IEA Chief: EVs Are Not The End Of The Oil Era

Are Automakers Overestimating EV Demand?

Saudi Aramco CEO Rebukes Peak Oil Demand ‘Hype’

Saudi Aramco says electric vehicles won’t heavily impact oil demand

IEA Sees No Peak Oil Demand ‘Any Time Soon’

BP’s ‘Peak Oil’ Demand Prediction Falls Flat

Shell is Wrong: Global Oil Demand Can Only Increase

Why the electric vehicle revolution will bring problems of its own

Understanding the life of lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles

AAA: Cold weather can cut electric car range over 40 percent

Don’t be too optimistic about electric car forecasts

Tesla, Jaguar and Nissan EVs lose range in freezing temps as polar vortex leaves electric car owners out in the cold

Tesla Model 3 Costs More To Charge Than A Gasoline Car

Corn better used as food than biofuel, study finds

Are electric cars worse for the environment?

Morgan Stanley Says Electric Cars Create More CO2 Than They Save

Study reveals that green EV incentives could actually be increasing CO2 emissions

The Myth Of An Imminent Energy Transition

We no longer have faith in technology to solve global issues

The world agrees that Earth is getting warmer

The 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years, with the top four in the past four years, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

The last five years have been Earth’s warmest since records began

Warning to Davos: world ‘sleep-walking’ into climate disaster

U.S. and Canadian oil production pushing planet’s climate goals out of reach, says IEA

We need to rethink everything we know about global warming: New calculations show scientists have grossly underestimated the effects of air pollution

Climate and economic risks ‘threaten 2008-style systemic collapse’

The last five years have been Earth’s warmest since records began

Evidence for man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’: scientists

Study shows IPCC is underselling climate change

Earth just had its 400th straight warmer-than-average month thanks to global warming

2018 Is the Fourth-Hottest Year on Record

It is absolutely time to panic about climate change

Medical community must sound alarm about climate change’s negative effects on health

It’s already too late: the inevitability of our climate doomsday

Global Temperature in 2018 and Beyond (Hansen, 2019)

Climate change: World heading for warmest decade, says Met Office

Carbon dioxide levels will soar past the 410 ppm milestone in 2019

The planet’s 4 warmest years on record have all occurred since 2015

250,000 deaths a year from climate change is a ‘conservative estimate,’ research says

U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

Time to Panic: The planet is getting warmer in catastrophic ways. And fear may be the only thing that saves us.

U.S. Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns: This Is the Age of Weather Extremes

Climate change is making us sicker and shortening our lives, doctors say

Global temperature 1850 to 2018 compared to pre-industrial values

Global carbon emissions hit record high in 2017

‘The Uninhabitable Earth’ explores climate doomsday

The World Is Losing Fish to Eat as Oceans Warm, Study Finds

A terrifying look at the consequences of climate change

Canada’s forests actually emit more carbon than they absorb

Climate change could zap clouds, bake the Earth even more

More extreme and more frequent: Drought and aridity in the 21st century

Climate Change Tipping Point Could Be Coming Sooner than We Think

Oceans warming faster than expected, set heat record in 2018, scientists say

Source apportionment of circum-Arctic atmospheric black carbon from isotopes and modeling

The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age

Domino-effect of climate events could move Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state

Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene” (or “hothouse earth”)

Defining the Anthropocene (Lewis 2015) Nature

Less than 2 °C warming by 2100 unlikely (Raftery 2017) Nature

What Future for the Anthropocene? A Biophysical Interpretation (Bardi 2016)

More Than 250,000 People May Die Each Year Due to Climate Change

Current fossil fuel infrastructure does not yet commit us to 1.5 °C warming

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels this century will alter the protein, micronutrients, and vitamin content of rice grains with potential health consequences for the poorest rice-dependent countries (Zhu 2019) Science

Global warming of oceans equivalent to an atomic bomb per second

Climate Change May Cause Increased Rates of Heart Defects in Babies

Why heatwaves are the silent killers more devastating than hurricanes

Climate change impacts worse than expected, global report warns

Are Antarctica’s Glaciers Collapsing?

Devastating climate change could lead to 1m migrants a year entering EU by 2100

Climate models are even more accurate than you thought

Risks of ‘domino effect’ of tipping points greater than thought, study says

Are We Living Through Climate Change’s Worst-Case Scenario?

Extreme weather linked to climate change caused billions in damage this year, new report finds

The Next Financial Crisis Could Be Caused by Climate Change

Greenland’s Melting Ice Nears a ‘Tipping Point,’ Scientists Say

Climate Change Is a Public Health Emergency

Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040

Risks of ‘domino effect’ of tipping points greater than thought, study says

Global warming will happen faster than we think

How soon will climate change force you to move?

Climate change may have played a significant role in the collapse of the Akkadian Empire

Climate action must now focus on the global rich and their corporations

Social and economic impacts of climate (Carleton 2016) Science

The broad footprint of climate change from genes to biomes to people (Scheffers 2016) Science

Ancient Antarctic ice sheet collapse could cause a global flood

Armed-conflict risks enhanced by climate-related disasters in ethnically fractionalized countries ( Schleussner 2016)

Quantifying the influence of global warming on extreme climate events ( Diffenbaugh 2017)

Warming World Impacts By Degree

Earth just had its 400th straight warmer-than-average month thanks to global warming

Harrison Ford: leaders who deny climate change are ‘on the wrong side of history’

Climate change is already causing widespread local extinction in plant and animal species

Climate change will affect gender ratio among newborns, scientists say

Military buildup in Arctic as melting ice reopens northern borders

The US Is Burning Up, But No One Wants to Talk About The Elephant in The Room

Shocking Global Map Shows the Extent of a Global Heat Wave

Terrifying climate change warning: 12 years until we’re doomed

Increase of extreme events in a warming world (Rahmstorf 2011)

Climate models have underestimated Earth’s sensitivity to CO2 changes, study finds

Air pollution ‘as bad as smoking in increasing risk of miscarriage’

The World’s richest 10% produce half of global carbon emissions.

Billionaires Are the Leading Cause of Climate Change

Pentagon Fears Confirmed: Climate Change Leads to More Wars and Refugees

Our planet is one big fireball

Organic food worse for the climate?

How archaeology can help us understand climate change

Glaciers Are Retreating. Millions Rely on Their Water.

Climate change will fuel more wars and displacement in the Middle East, experts warn

David Attenborough: The world’s oceans are under the greatest threat in human history

A meteorologist’s warning: We’re running out of time to save ourselves

How smartphones are heating up the planet

Arctic permafrost might contain ‘sleeping giant’ of world’s carbon emissions

Wave of Climate Migration Looms, but It “Doesn’t Have to Be a Crisis”

Violence, infectious disease and climate change contributed to Indus civilization collapse

Central bank chiefs sound warning on climate change

Caravan Provides a Preview of Climate Migrations, Experts Say

Climate change is exacerbating world conflicts, says Red Cross president

The air in Germany’s capital is currently so bad, it’s violating EU law

Conservatives Are Purposely Making Their Trucks Spew Black Smoke To Protest Environmentalists

Chart Source: NOAA

Hurricane Maria ‘killed 4,600 in Puerto Rico’- 70 times the official toll, a Harvard University study says

Harvey dumped 33 trillion gallons on Texas, southern US

The indirect cost of natural disasters and an economic definition of macroeconomic resilience

Megadisasters devastated America in 2017. And they’re only going to get worse

After Worst Hurricane Season Ever, 2018 Will Be Above Average

Eight Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters Have Hit the U.S. So Far in 2016

Brutal Choice in Houston: Sell Home at a Loss or Face New Floods

U.S. High-Tide Flooding Has Doubled in 30 Years, NOAA Report Says

Yes, You Can Blame Bad Storms on Climate Change

Human-driven climate change meets “gold standard” of scientific certainty

Extreme weather shatters records around the world

Climate disasters cost $650 billion over 3 years — Americans are bearing the brunt: Morgan Stanley

California’s Camp Fire Was The Most Expensive Natural Disaster Worldwide In 2018

Catastrophic fires are a reckoning for Californians and their ‘new normal.’ Has the state reached a tipping point?

California’s 2017 Wildfire Season Continues to Break Records

Natural disasters: The riskiest spots in the U.S.

Tesla: Autopilot was on during deadly Mountain View crash

Self-Driving Cars Will Always Be Limited. Even the Industry Leader Admits it.

Waymo CEO: Autonomous cars won’t ever be able to drive in all conditions

Tesla and GM self-drive cars involved in road collisions

Self-driving Uber kills Arizona woman in first fatal crash

New Jersey man involved in scary crash after autopilot Tesla veers off road

The “Self-Driving Car” is Only an Oxymoron

Consumers Don’t Really Want Self-Driving Cars, MIT Study Finds

Tires Slashed, Guns Pulled On Self-Driving Cars As Arizona Residents Revolt

Public’s trust in self-driving cars is plunging — for good reason

Brand New Tesla Model S Spontaneously Combusts Twice

Tesla shares fall after Consumer Reports yanks its reliability ranking

Moore’s Law Is Dead. Now What?

Road Tripping Around Europe in a Tesla Is Less Fun Than You’d Think

Five reasons why autonomous cars aren’t coming anytime soon

Humans can’t live on Mars because the cosmic rays can fry your brain and cause chronic dementia and paranoia. And the technology and logistics haven’t advanced far enough either.

Bill Nye: We are not going to live on Mars, let alone turn it into Earth

The likeliest reasons why we haven’t contacted aliens are deeply unsettling

Scientists say humans are alone in the universe

How Do Aliens Solve Climate Change?

‘Artificial Intelligence’ Has Become Meaningless

Questioning the Hype About Artificial Intelligence

Don’t believe the hype: the media are unwittingly selling us an AI fantasy

Yes, U.S. locks people up at a higher rate than any other country

Nearly Half of Americans Have a Close Family Member Who Has Been Incarcerated

The Moral Horror of America’s Prisons

Trump Makes It Easier for Police to Get Military Equipment

OpenTheBooks interactive map for all military weaponry transferred to the 6,500 local, state and other federal police agencies across America.

U.S. Homeland Security to compile database of journalists, bloggers and ‘media influencers’

1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation

How to Break America’s Addiction to Caging Human Beings

Police shootings have an underlying economic issue (Poverty) that is deeper than just race.

Portland Police Sergeant To Precinct: If A Homeless Person Is Black, Just Shoot Them


Fatal Force: 987 people have been shot and killed by police in 2018

‘Better financially’ to kill suspects than wound them: sheriff

ICE paid estimated $807 million to 19 private detention centers in fiscal 2018: report

Death by Government

Number of hate groups in US reached record high in 2018: SPLC

Radical-right wing groups reach all time high

Hate Crime Has Gone Up In Most Major U.S. Cities

White Supremacist Propaganda At ‘Record-Setting’ Levels, ADL Report Finds

All of the extremist killings in the US in 2018 had links to right-wing extremism, according to new report

In the United States, right-wing violence is on the rise

World stunned by explosion of hate

The neo-Nazi plot against America is much bigger than we realize

‘I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth’: A self-proclaimed white nationalist planned a mass terrorist attack, the government says

Right-wing extremists are already threatening violence over a Democratic House

The Making of an American Nazi

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups

Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting claims 11 lives; 4 officers among multiple wounded: Officials

Hate crimes go up in San Francisco

49 people killed in shootings at New Zealand mosques, prime minister says

Antisemitic incidents at record high in the UK

Outrage in France over swastika graffiti as anti-Semitic acts surge by 74 percent

More than 2.6m Brits are Holocaust deniers, poll finds

Survey: Nearly half of Canadians think US has a large number of neo-Nazis

Israeli Director Nominated for Oscar: ‘As a Jew, I Don’t Feel as Safe in America as I Once Did’

Extreme neo-Nazi ‘death cults’ drawing in children as young as 13, report warns

European support for far right extremism reaches 1930s scale

Holocaust Survivor Receives Threats After Criticizing Germany’s Far-right AfD Party

The Far Right Aims to Take Control of the European Union Next Year

White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Killing Black Man in New York to Start a ‘Race War’

Suspected far-right attacker ‘intentionally’ rams car into crowd of Syrian and Afghan citizens in Germany

Three Kansas men convicted over mass ‘slaughter’ plot targeting Muslims

Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America

Polish Neo-Nazis Protest Against Auschwitz Commemorations

Italy’s Salvini called for ‘mass cleansing, street by street, quarter by quarter’, newly resurfaced footage reveals

Disillusioned Britons turn to far-right ‘popular front’

Charlottesville attack shows homegrown terror on the right is on the rise

U.S. sees 300 violent attacks inspired by far right every year

Anti-Defamation League CEO: White supremacy a global threat

‘You have to call them out,’ Madeleine Albright in Ann Arbor talk on fascism

The Year in Hate: Trump buoyed white supremacists in 2017, sparking backlash among black nationalist groups

In Germany, online hate speech has real-world consequence

Far-right activity at universities rising as more young people deny Holocaust, experts warn

The rise of the Spanish far-right party Vox shines a light into the dark corners of the country’s politics

Anti-Semitic incidents soared in 2017, marking nation’s largest single-year increase, report finds

‘Far-right cell’ in German police ‘threatened to kill lawyer’s two-year-old daughter’

Could anti-Semitism be on the rise in Canada?

Right-wing mobs creating ‘civil war’ in Germany after second night of violence in Chemnitz

People with extreme political views ‘cannot tell when they are wrong’, study finds

Study shows rapid rise in mass school shootings in the US

Gun deaths at highest level in 40 years, CDC says

There have been 47,220 gun incidents in the U.S. in 2018 — and here they all are on one map

More than 15% of childhood deaths in America are due to guns, study says

Editorial: America’s Real National Emergency: Mass Shootings

One mass shooting every day: Seven facts about gun violence in America

Five mass shootings in five days: Is America officially desensitized to gun violence?

14 Children Died in the Parkland Shooting. Nearly 1,200 Have Died From Guns Since.

More US school-age children die from guns than on-duty US police or global military fatalities, study finds

Shooter in deadly Illinois rampage was not supposed to own a gun, police say

Student journalists track 1,200 youth gun deaths in year since Parkland

There have been 1,624 Mass Shootings in 1,870 days in America.

Las Vegas Shooting: 59 Killed and More Than 500 Hurt Near Mandalay Bay

Gunman Kills at Least 26 in Attack on Rural Texas Church

Kentucky school shooting: 2 students killed, 18 injured

Six months later, the Capital Gazette shooting still resonates, among family, community, news industry

2 killed on east side marks 2018 as Indy’s bloodiest year

17 killed in mass shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida

Advocacy group highlights 18 cases of gunfire at US schools so far this year

YouTube Shooting: Woman Wounds 3 Before Killing Herself, Police Say

‘I Think About It Daily’: Life in a Time of Mass Shootings

A Mother’s Fear Post-Sandy Hook

Florida massacre survivor hid under dead classmate’s body

Secretly, Americans Love Guns. Just Watch TV

This kind of shooting happens every day in America — and we usually ignore it

One shooting every six hours

An FBI Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States between 2000 and 2013

Deaths by suicide, drugs and alcohol reached an all-time high last year

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

Mapping the rising tide of suicide deaths across the United States

Suicide Rates Rise Sharply in U.S.

America’s rising suicide rate

A Worrying Rise in Gun Suicides

Suicides are at the highest rate in decades, CDC report shows

Why Are Black Children Killing Themselves?

Soaring suicides are another sign of our toxic social disconnect

CDC says life expectancy down as more Americans die younger due to suicide and drug overdose

US Marine and Navy suicides at a 10-year high

Teen suicide is soaring. The biggest rate increase was among black youth

Teenagers not surprised by alarming increase of suicides

Why are America’s farmers killing themselves at record rates?

American farmers have seen net farm income decline by 50 percent since 2013

The Next American Farm Bust Is Upon Us

Midwest farmers going bankrupt

Here’s Why More American Farms Are Going Bankrupt

Suicide Is Rising Among American Farmers As They Struggle To Keep Afloat

Falling prices, borrowing binge haunt Midwest ‘go-go farmers’

Stressed, Struggling, and Suicidal: America’s Farmers Are Begging for Mental Health

U.S. farm debt is at highest point since 1980s agriculture crisis

When the Death of a Family Farm Leads to Suicide

America’s Farmers Are in Crisis, and They’re Looking to Trump for Relief

As Milk Prices Decline, Worries About Dairy Farmer Suicides Rise

‘This One Here Is Gonna Kick My Butt’ — Farm Belt Bankruptcies Are Soaring

‘Deaths of Despair’ Are Surging Among the White Working Class

Deaths by suicide, drugs and alcohol reached an all-time high last year

More Americans Are Dying From Suicide, Drug Use And Diarrhea

Declining mental health among disadvantaged Americans

America’s opioid tragedy

One in eight Americans is an alcoholic: study

New Study Finds Nearly 1 in 4 Americans Under the Age of 30 Is an Alcoholic

Drug overdoses killed more Americans last year than the Vietnam War

Deaths From Drugs and Suicide Reach a Record in the U.S.

U.S. Life Expectancy Drops for Third Year in a Row, Reflecting Rising Drug Overdoses, Suicides

America’s overdose crisis keeps getting worse. Fentanyl isn’t the only drug to blame.

Changing dynamics of the drug overdose epidemic in the United States from 1979 through 2016-Science

FDA opioids adviser: ‘One thing is clear’ about the ongoing crisis

Tens of thousands of Americans die each year from opioid overdoses

Americans more likely to die of opioid overdose than car crash, council report says

Even in best-case scenario, opioid overdose deaths will keep rising until 2022

Family behind OxyContin maker engineered opioid crisis, Massachusetts AG says

ER visits for opioid overdose up 30%, CDC study finds

Child deaths from opioids nearly tripled in recent years, says Yale study

Drug overdose deaths skyrocketed among women

Drug overdose deaths in America are rising exponentially

Millennials Hit Hard by Opioids. The death rate continues to rise sharply among young adults.

Why Drug Overdoses Are on the Rise and Getting Worse in America

CDC: Synthetic Opioid Deaths Doubled from 2015 to 2016

Nearly 1 million people out of workforce due to opioid addiction: study

Drug crisis: Opioid addiction costs employers $2.6B a year for care

Surgeon General Urges Americans to Carry Drug That Reverses Opioid Overdoses

When they smoke it, they almost become zombie-like

Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit

Opioid crisis creating ‘grandfamilies,’ a need for more resources

The Family That Built an Empire of Pain

The decline in U.S. life expectancy is unlike anything we’ve seen in a century

US life expectancy drops for second year in a row

Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between

Report: Alcohol, Drug, Suicide Deaths Hit New High in America

America has become less attractive to economic migrants. Illegal immigration has dropped 80 percent, since it’s record high in 2000.

More Mexicans are leaving the US than coming here — and it’s not because of deportation

Arrests For Illegal Border Crossings Hit 46-Year Low

What Immigration Crisis? The U.S. Isn’t Being Swamped

Americans Renouncing Citizenship at Record High

Record-Breaking Number Of Americans Want To Get Out Of U.S. Forever

Gallup: World’s Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low

America’s New World Order Is Officially Dead

Global Poll Shows U.S. Prestige Plummeting Under Trump

Richard Dawkins says England is becoming a ‘nasty little backwater’

UK will be worse off in every possible scenario after Brexit, concludes leaked Government analysis

London murder rate overtakes New York’s

City of London is already dying

UK wages worth up to a third less than in 2008, study shows

Violent crime in England and Wales up 19%

Child poverty in Britain is already a problem — and Brexit will likely make it worse

Homeless shelters experience record demand as government reports decrease in rough sleeping

My walk to work shows me how homelessness is transforming Britain

300,000 people in Britain are now homeless, shocking study reveals

Children’s bedroom photographs expose reality of UK poverty

Brexit could cost UK about 500,000 jobs, London mayor says

Average UK household debt now stands at record £15,400

Nearly 600 homeless people died on the streets last year

IFS: Growth in UK living standards worst in 60 years

British workers face worst decade for pay in 70 years

UK is the worst-performing advanced economy in the world, official figures confirm

Paradise Papers: U2 singer Bono named in tax-haven document dump

Bono used Malta-based firm to invest in Lithuanian shopping centre

The plague of global terrorism

Terror related deaths across the world (1970–2016)

Homeland Security head says terror situation is scarier than you know

Terrorists ‘plot in shadows of the dark net’, report warns

‘Children are dying before our eyes’: Images from suspected Syrian gas attack again tell the story

US Special Ops suicides tripled in 2018

US arms ended up in hands of Iranian-backed rebels, al Qaeda-linked fighters

What would ‘nuclear Armageddon’ look like in your city? This terrifying simulator shows you

A statistical look at the probability of future major wars

This nuclear-explosion simulator shows where radioactive fallout would blow using today’s weather

The world is two minutes from doom

We’re edging closer to nuclear war

When Doomsday comes, Americans will tweet

Putin to U.S.: I’m ready for another Cuban Missile-style crisis if you want one

Economic Crisis Can Trigger World War

Decades after the end of the cold war, Russia is showing new aggression

Vladimir Putin on nuclear war: U.S. is pushing world ‘closer to a very dangerous line’

The real purpose of Russia’s 100-megaton underwater nuclear doomsday device

Putin confirms development of Russia’s hypersonic cruise missile called Tsirkon

With the US-Russian Nuclear Treaty in Tatters, Is ‘Doomsday’ Ticking Closer?

The U.S. And Russia Are Stocking Up On Missiles And Nukes as part of a renewed zeal for tactical nuclear War

U.S. exiting nuclear treaty with Russia

North Korea Keeps Stockpiling Materials to Make Nuclear Weapons, Report Finds

Putin threatens to target the US if it deploys missiles in Europe

US nuclear weapons: first low-yield warheads roll off the production line

Ticking doomsday clock warns yet again of this dangerous new world

Data mining adds evidence that war is baked into the structure of society

The US and China are in a quantum arms race that will transform warfare

At least 340,000 Americans died from radioactive fallout between 1951 and 1973

China preparing for World War III, warns US senator

The Threat of Nuclear Weapons Is Truly Terrifying and No One Seems to be Paying Attention

The conflict between India and Pakistan is about to get uglier

New EMP warning: US will ‘cease to exist,’ 90 percent of population will die

Massive global ozone loss predicted following regional nuclear conflict (Mills 2007)

7 Ways Russia Is Telling People to Prepare for War

China’s secret plan to topple the US as the world’s superpower

Putin boasts military might with animation of nuke strike on Florida

Russia has restarted the Cold War — but this time as an outlaw fighting only to assert its own power

Russian media threatens Europe with 200-megaton nuclear ‘doomsday’ device

The Doomsday Clock is ticking faster

How Russia’s New Doomsday Torpedo Works

Lowering arms threshold could lead to global nuclear catastrophe — Putin

China Installed Military Jamming Equipment on Spratly Islands, U.S. Says

Democracy continuities its disturbing decline worldwide

‘This is an authoritarian era’ — and investors should be worried, says Richard Haass

‘Never underestimate human stupidity,’ says historian whose fans include Bill Gates and Barack Obama

The strongmen are back. And we have no idea how to confront them.

Brazil Is About To Show The World How A Modern Democracy Collapses

What Populists Do to Democracies

Obama warns that if the world isn’t careful, democracy could be in danger: ‘Democracy is a garden that has to be tended’

Hillary Clinton: ‘We are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy’

Angela Merkel warns of global political disintegration at Munich Security Conference

Revealed: the rise and rise of populist rhetoric

Corruption is still rife around the world

Soros: Xi Jinping is the ‘most dangerous opponent’ to open society

Record number cite poor leadership as US’s greatest problem

Will ‘winter of discontent’, fueled by populism, lead to European Union’s collapse?

Young Americans are ditching democracy, say Harvard researchers

Where And Why The World Is Getting More Dangerous

Thirty countries use ‘armies of opinion shapers’ to manipulate democracy — report

China has started ranking citizens with a ‘social credit’ system — here’s the ways they can punish you

‘Big Brother’ in India Requires Fingerprint Scans for Food, Phones and Finances

Chinese schools make pupils wear micro-chipped uniforms to thwart truancy

United States added to list of most dangerous countries for journalists for first time

The super rich are preparing for the end of the world

Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

Doomsday preppers head underground as bunker economy enters mainstream society

Super-rich prepare for doomsday in American bunkers

NZ farms eyed as ‘boltholes’ for world’s super rich

New Zealand’s ban on foreigners buying homes set to start

Reddit’s CEO got corrective laser eye surgery — for the apocalypse. I did too.

Business Is Booming for America’s Survival Food King

15 things you can buy from Costco, Amazon, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s to be ready for when the apocalypse hits

Costco selling $1,000 food kits that last 25 years

Costco sells out of 27-pound mac-and-cheese bucket with 20-year shelf life

Anticipating the Apocalypse? How to Grow Bud in a Bunker

Is it possible to live off-grid?

End of days: Is Western civilization on the brink of collapse?

Are we on the road to civilization collapse?

Why Civilizations End

The US has reached the last stage before collapse — Foreign Policy

The End of Our World Order Is Imminent

Pentagon study declares American empire is ‘collapsing’

Huge Human Inequality Study Hints Revolution is in Store for U.S

How western civilization could collapse

Lessons from the fall of a great republic

Chris Hedges: The Coming Collapse

Trent Reznor: ‘You’re seeing the fall of America in real time’

Michael Moore Says ‘We’re Living The Handmaid’s Tale’ IRL

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

What America can learn from the fall of the Roman republic

Industrial Civilization (1760-present)

The last law of nature says: that any creature that despoils and outbreeds its natural habitat will be culled to bring its numbers under control and restore a stable environment.

Studies of mice populations indicate that when faced with overpopulation, many catastrophic events occurred. Such as the mothers abandoned their young, the birth rate plunged, homosexuality, mass violence, cannibalism, and lack of maternal functions. Studies revealed as the mice population densities reached a tipping point. Once reached, the population began to suffer a “spiritual death” and went down a “behavioral sink”. (Calhoun, 1962)

Article I of the Constitution of the United States, (1790) describes the House of Representatives, and says that “The number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty thousand…” In the year 2000 there are over 600,000 persons per member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Thus in 210 years we have seen democracy being diluted by a factor of approximately 600,000 / 30,000 = 20. (Bartlett, 2000)

Democracy cannot survive overpopulation; Human dignity cannot survive overpopulation; Convenience and decency cannot survive overpopulation; As you put more and more people into the world, The value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn’t matter if someone dies, The more people there are, the less one individual matters.

-Isaac Asimov

World Scientists “Warning to Humanity” Signed by 15,000 Scientists from 184 Countries Including the Majority of all Nobel Prize Winners

Modeling sustainability: population, inequality, consumption, and bidirectional coupling of the Earth and Human Systems (Motesharrei 2016)

The Heritability of Fertility Makes World Population Stabilization Unlikely in the Foreseeable Future (Collins 2019)

How many times has the human population doubled? Comparisons with cancer (Hern 99)

Human domination of the biosphere: Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind (Schramski 2015)

Biological annihilation via the ongoing sixth mass extinction signaled by vertebrate population losses and declines (Ceballos 2017)

Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere (Barnosky 2012) Nature

‘This is a crisis: Facing up to the age of environmental breakdown’ (IPPR 2019)

Has the Earth’s sixth mass extinction arrived? (Barnosky 2011) Nature

Psychology and Disaster: Why We Do Not See Looming Disasters and How Our Way of Thinking Causes Them (Glockner 2016)

Peak water limits to freshwater withdrawal and use ( Gleick 2010)

Generic Indicators for Loss of Resilience Before a Tipping Point Leading to Population Collapse (Dai 2012) Science

Inhabiting the Anthropocene Back Loop (Wakefield, 2017)

Anticipating societal collapse; Hints from the Stone Age ( Scheffer 2016)

Complexity and Collapse: (Ferguson 2010) Council on Foreign Relations

Bushmeat hunting and extinction risk to the world’s mammals (Ripple 2016)

Modes of growth in dynamic systems (Garrett 2012)

Ecological selectivity of the emerging mass extinction in the oceans (Payne 2016) Science

Has land use pushed terrestrial biodiversity beyond the planetary boundary? A global assessment (Newbold 2016) Science

The ‘ecological foundations of society’ are in peril, a massive UN report warns

How to Avoid Population Overshoot and Collapse

High IQs won’t be enough to prevent ecological disasters

‘Everything is not going to be okay’: How to live with constant reminders that the Earth is in trouble

Muslim population in some EU countries could triple, says report

Amazon deforestation is close to tipping point

Is it Too Late for Sustainable Development?

Mammals going nocturnal to avoid humans

Obesity, malnutrition and climate change are the greatest threats to humanity

We’d Need 1.7 Earths to Make Our Consumption Sustainable

Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?

Large Influence of Soil Moisture on Long-term Terrestrial Carbon Uptake (Green 2019)

‘Everything is not going to be okay’: How to live with constant reminders that the Earth is in trouble

Science proves kids are bad for Earth. Morality suggests we stop having them.

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Researchers find IQ scores dropping since the 1970s

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Prince William warns that there are too many people in the world

Humanity is on path to self-destruction, warns UN special rapporteur

Over-population is the real cause of climate change — it’s killing us all off

Global food system is broken, say world’s science academies

Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’

World’s food supply under ‘severe threat’ from loss of biodiversity

Humans Are Eating Most of Earth’s Largest Animals to Extinction

Nobel laureates call for a revolutionary shift in how humans use resources

One of the largest banks issued an alarming warning that Earth is running out of the resources to sustain life

Mathematics predicts a sixth mass extinction

Paul Ehrlich: ‘Collapse of civilization is a near certainty within decades’

Sir David Attenborough: collapse of civilization is on the horizon

Al Gore:“We are facing an ecological crisis that can bring about the end of civilization.”

Noam Chomsky: ‘In a couple of generations, organized human society may not survive.’

Jane Goodall: ‘The most intellectual creature to ever walk Earth is destroying its only home’

David Attenborough tells Davos: ‘The Garden of Eden is no more’

Dennis Meadows: “There is nothing that we can do”

There are not enough resources to support the world’s population

The decline of sex is the end of civilization

Insects Are Dying Off at an Alarming Rate

World Wildlife Federation: Living Planet Index

The 21st-Century Great Food Transformation (Lucas 2019) The Lancet

The book that incited a worldwide fear of overpopulation


The Limits to Growth: A report for the Club of Rome’s project on the predicament of mankind

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Ages of Discord: A Structural-Demographic Analysis of American History

The Third Curve: The End of Growth as we know it

Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

Denial: Self-Deception, False Beliefs, and the Origins of the Human Mind

America the farewell tour: Chris Hedges

Limits to growth had 12 models. One of those models, the “standard run” or, alternatively, the “business as usual” model was the one that 40 years of historical data has tracked/followed.

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth -Smithsonian

Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return? -Scientific American

Is Global Collapse Imminent? (Turner 2014)

Gloomy 1970s predictions about Earth’s fate still hold true

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Human and nature dynamics (HANDY): Modeling inequality and use of resources in the collapse or sustainability of societies (Motesharrei 2014)

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‘Society could end in less than a decade,’ predicts academic historian

Social instability lies ahead, researcher says

Inside the new economic science of capitalism’s slow-burn energy collapse (Ahmed, 2017)

Energy Returns and the Long-run Growth of Global Industrial Society (Andrew 2017)

This is how UN scientists are preparing for the end of capitalism

Perfect Storm: Energy, Finance and the End of Growth. Dr Tim Morgan

Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: A Study In Global Systemic Collapse (Korowicz, 2012)

It’s time for a hyper-crash, say multifractal analyses of the main stock market index

Simple really..When the world economy collapses everything shuts down..the end..We’re talking about grids down all over the world and 7.5B people dropping like f*** flies in short order..The collapse will be absolutely horrible..There is no collapse or horror movie ever produced that has even come close to imagining what the collapse of BAU might look like..I’m talking about every corporation and every social program going bankrupt at once. I’m talking about people eating people.. I’m talking about the worst catastrophe to ever happen in the history of mankind..Nothing has ever, or will ever come close..

The End of the Human Race will be that it will Eventually Die of Civilization –Ralph W Emerson