The Grand AdWords Heist
M. McCamon

I have seen similar results from Google Display Network. Poor quality traffic, invalid clicks, click fraud, no conversions, ect. Display advertising is probably the trickiest channel to generate a profitable return on ad spend. But I disagree that online advertising will not provide value for you. There are numerous types of advertising on Google alone. A recent client saw this range in cost per acquisition from AdWords over a 3 month period:

Google Display Network $45.31

Gmail Ads $7.61

Remarketing Ads $11.45

Google Search Network $111.42

You can see how the channels vary on cost per acquisition. They have since doubled down on Gmail and Remarketing ad spend. I suggest you find a Google Certified Partner that meets your budget and marketing goals. They can help you test the various AdWords channels and measure your return on investment.

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