Meet Earth, the Penguin Running for Congress

She’s a planet lover. An environmental activist. A smoked fish enthusiast. And she’s running for Congress.

Have you met Earth? Climate Reality sat down with the first-ever penguin running for Congress to get to know her a little better. Earth’s platform includes land conservation, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, and green jobs — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Read on to get to know Earth, and be sure to check out her official website (and find your polling place!).

What got you interested in politics?

Oh, so we’re just going to penguin dive right into this thing?

(That was an icebreaker.)

(So was that.)

In all seriousness, I learned about environmental injustice at a very young age. Our home ice in Antarctica disappeared and my family had to leave. Things don’t get more black and white than that.

Once I was in the US, I saw all kinds of threats. Hurricanes that appear to get stronger every year, pollution filling the air we breathe, pipelines spilling seemingly every day. I couldn’t sit back and watch it all happen, so I got involved in some grassroots efforts. Like, literally — efforts to protect our grass and roots. Land conservation is so important to me.

There’s great work being done in the private and non-profit sectors. But I also believe that governments have a role to play in all these things. So, I’m diving into politics.

What keeps you hopeful?

Seeing how passionate young people have become on all sorts of issues. We’re woke, people. And our generation holds a lot of power right now. If we can rally around protecting the future and get everyone out to vote, we just might save the world. I mean, we saved Twinkies, right? What can’t we do?

What can I say, I’m a fish tank-half-full kinda gal.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Really. Good. Swimmer.

What’s the best part about running for Congress?

Getting to know the constituents! It’s one thing to know the issues, but another to get to know the people they touch. I’ve met a mom of two kids with asthma who has to worry about the air pollution coming from a coal plant in her town. Families in Florida who just lost their homes to Hurricane Michael. And just last week I talked to some super smart college grads who are dying to get out into the renewable energy field.

I’ve loved getting to know each and every one of them. They remind me that these issues aren’t just words in a policy paper or headline. They remind me why I decided to run.

We heard you’re a real fish connoisseur. Would you rather: Never be able to eat fish again or eat fish every day, but it’s smelly and old?

Love a good would-you-rather. I would have to say the second. Week-old pizza is still pizza, ya know? The same goes for fish, at least for me.

What’s your biggest phobia?

The extinction of entire species due to deforestation, pollution, or human activity in general. Oh, and dentists. But I don’t have teeth so I’m usually safe there.

Choose one Chris: Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, or Pratt?

Pine. Obvs. (Chris Paul ain’t bad either, FWIW.) I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in and you shouldn’t be, either. So register to vote if you haven’t already and show up on November 6.

See you at the polls.

Earth out.

Be sure to visit Earth’s site and check out her platform!