Interview with James Haft, Climatecoin CEO

What is exactly Climatecoin?

CLIMATECOIN is a new cryptocurrency created for the purpose of fighting Climate Change. We have launched our CLIMATECOIN “CO2” token sale so that it will allow citizens of the Earth to participate in the fight against Climate Change.

We aim to provide a means for the average person to contribute towards the fight against climate change instead of just leaving it up to Governments and a handful of charitable organizations. Everybody will be able to contribute towards companies that are creating environmentally friendly products to help protect our environment.

Our foundation will work with numerous companies that create solutions against climate change and they will use blockchain technology to do so. It is going to be a token backed by tangible assets and it is expected to appreciate significantly after its launch. The value of the coin is derived from the increase in the value of the companies and projects involved with the foundation. Also, token holders will receive a quarterly dividend and the Foundation will be reinvesting a percentage out of their investments back into the CLIMATECOIN market.

How was this project born?

The co-founders and I have studied blockchain thoroughly and the 3 of us are also very concerned about Climate change. We got to know each other at a meeting in NY and the three of us connected very well. We had talked for hours and decided that we should come up with a product that combines both of these interests. In the following weeks, we had come up with the idea of using a cryptocurrency to help fight climate change. Specifically, we would use the currency as a means to aid companies that are creating ground-breaking products that help protect the environment. It would be an opportunity to bring like-minded people together to contribute towards reversing Climate Change. We then assembled our team to start the development of CLIMATECOIN and we will have our token sale ready on November 1st.

- Who is your team or who supports this Project?

The project is lead by both James Haft, who is a sustainable investments expert, and Juan Boluda, who is an experienced business manager. Both of them have a long track record in business management and startups.

The rest of the team is comprised of:

Ana Karen Zapata, who is an expert marketing manager, as the CMO.

David Ortega, who is a well-versed programmer and an Etherium specialist, as the CTO.

Antonio Liu Yang, who is an expert on Chinese markets, as the CCO.

Andrey Khomutov as investor relations for the Russian market.

We are being advised by a board composed of:

Emmanuel Lagard, the executive manager of Schneider Electric Europe.

Antonio Benedito, the ex-general manager of Repsol Gas.

Marcos Martín, the co-founder of Menorca Millenials.

Gonzalo de la Peña Cifuentes, a famous serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Invertia.

We will also consult with several environmental experts from multiple worldwide organizations.

CLIMATECOIN is even being advised by the United Nations so that we can evaluate which companies meet their Carbon Credits criteria. Our foundation is also a member of the Crypto Valley Association in Switzerland.

How would you characterize Climatecoin’s mission?

Using the revolutionary blockchain technology, we aim to create a symbol of unity and hope in the fight to save our planet. This symbol is a cryptocurrency that will continue to appreciate as or organization will continue to reinvest profits back into the market and we will regularly pay out quarterly dividends. As our partner companies grow and make a profit, in which we will then use dividends and stakes as they accrue capital gains (but only after both the Foundation and the company achieve the desired goal), our token holders will receive a share of the benefits and the coin will accrue in value as it continually receives reinvestment.

How will buying shares in companies help save the world?

The founding team (me and my 2 partners) are experts on making companies profitable. Normally, most of these companies that create sustainable products or services struggle to become competitive due to the lack of investment or proper management. We will help them grow by investing into them so they may create competitive products that change the way we do things or substitutes to popular products that harm the environment.

How does the Carbon Credit system improve the climate or help to our Earth?

The Carbon Credit system is a mechanism that is not perfect but it at least attempts to mitigate the harm some companies are doing against to environment. We want to utilize it as a way to attract more profits for the environmental companies that we will participate with. This will be a temporary solution to help them grow and compete against polluting companies that simply purchase Carbon Credits without actually reducing their emissions.

Do you have a political motivation for getting involved in Climatecoin?

No, it is not about politics. The only motivation that we have is to leave a better Earth for the future of mankind.

The reality is that Governments and politicians are not all involved in the fight against Climate Change, even though they have so much power and resources to do so. Also, the amount of resources that single organizations or individuals have are simply not enough to solve the problem. We aim to unite those involved in this fight since governments are neglecting to do so.

Why do you think the price of Climatecoin will go up?

Businesses across the globe spent $2.5 billion in 2016 on blockchain technology, and it is estimated that it will rise to $19.9 billion by 2025. The financial services sector accounts for the majority of the future market growth. “Blockchain technology is one of the most promising upcoming technological trends in the information technology domain,” according to Grand View Research. “Not only does the technology hold the ability to disrupt the way the financial sector often works but it will also have ramifications on many other industries including consumer goods, technology, and media and telecom, among others.”

Also, our token is backed by tangible assets and we aim to pay quarterly dividends to our token holders. Also, we will use 2% of our investments that we have in participating companies’ tokens to recirculate back into the market. This is what we are calling our Depletion Program. This will surely help our token to appreciate over time.

Do you think that Fiat currencies are coming to an end?

We do not. Governments guarantee the price stability of Fiat currencies and they are still necessary for the average person.

Where do you see the CLIMATECOIN Organization in the future?

We are ambitious enough to believe that CLIMATECOIN will be referenced as one of the leading companies contributing to making our world a better place. Since we will be involved with the most innovative environmentalist companies in the world, we hope to become one of the most sustainable corporations in this market and we hope to have a major say in the Climate Change community.

At the same time, our currency will spark a revolution in the way we take care of our Earth. Every person will have access to contribute towards the solution against Climate Change thanks to our cryptocurrency. This is what we believe will help solve the Earth’s Climate Change crisis.