Meet Ken Taylor, a global cyber security leader and our new advisor.

Is a pleasure for us to announce the last incorporation to our board of advisors. Ken Taylor

Ken is currently the President of the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance(ICSPA) and is recognized as a global Cyber Security leader, advising G5 government agencies, global 500 Corporations, etc.

Ken sits on numerous boards within the cyber security/IOT community, while carrying out a senior advisory role at Datatribe; A startup crucible that fuses the most innovative cyber security talent in from the U.S. Government with accomplished Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

Ken served proudly in the Canadian Armed forces (Special Service Forces — 2 Commando, PPCLI)for over 12 years in both peace and wartime operations throughout the world. He has deep ties within the Intelligence and Special Forces community throughout the globe. He is also an active member in many

These are just some reasons why we feel so proud to count with Ken as advisor, is another guarantee to rely on Climatecoin.

Welcome Ken.


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