Blockchain: The King is Dead, All Hail the King
Rafal Lipinski

I totally agree. Every day you read that tomorrow the banking system will collapse because of the billions that are currently invested in Fintech startups. Nonsense! And - as you say - not even a realistic timeframe.

The currently available technology is certainly overhyped. I’d say:

  • Seperate it from banking (we see that only because of BitCoin).
  • Evaluate usefulness of Blockchains for your project. Because then you are prepared to switch to the “real thing”.

Yes, I believe that in many use cases Blockchain will soon be replaced by a similar and much better system that is less complicated (who needs mining?), faster and focussed on the basics, like decentralized security.

And no, this is no sales pitch. Unfortunately it’s not my line of business. I’m just waiting for that, too. So I have no clue who will build the lucky project…