Politically Unaffiliated

Now that the election is over, some of us can finally breathe a sigh of relief. No matter who you voted for, you can’t change it now, so when discussing politics there’s no threats or intimidation of what people “should” do with their political voice. I find this atmosphere refreshing, because now people can discuss the short and long term future without being cowed into either of the two primary American political parties.

Bernie or Bust

Truth be told, I didn’t have a horse in the race. I just couldn’t get behind the DNC or Clinton having previously been an IT guy and knowing exactly how badly they fucked all that up. Short of actually buying my vote with enough money to then comfortably leave the country, there was no way I was going to vote for Clinton.

Had it not been for rigged primaries, Bernie Sanders should have gotten the nomination and would have handily defeated Trump. Bernie isn’t a perfect candidate, and I lost some respect for him due to his pandering and concessions to Clinton, but he has a strong passion for the working middle class and trying to fix some of the systemic oligarchy problems America is currently facing.

As soon as DWS left the DNC and was immediately hired on by the Clinton team, I knew that the whole party was fucked. So I actually changed party affiliations and switched to Green. Jill Stein got the shit end of the stick from the media, but she’s still a doctor and her policy stance lined up with mine fairly well. The environment is important, as is fixing our educational and healthcare systems, and despite Clinton’s rhetoric only Bernie and Jill seemed like they actually intended follow through.

But now… Fuck, who knows?

Lord Cheeto

I have no love for Donald Trump. Unlike the rest of brain damaged America, I actually remember the 90s and we all thought he was a joke back then too. Poster boy for crony capitalism, going through wives like tires every few years, and generally being a douche bag. He was exactly the kind of evil CEO coming into your 90s movie and planning to tear down your town’s beloved old landmark to put up a strip mall.

The thing is, I don’t see Donald Trump as a serious candidate. To me, this is just Idiocracy playing out in real life. President Camacho and Donald Trump are two sides of the same coin, populists who speak their mind and just happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Trump is a business man and I have no doubt in my mind that he’s in this for business deals, but I expect that he’s going to be in over his head just as much as any political outsider would be. Ironically, after stealing Reagan’s slogan, he may well find himself in the same position as the Gipper. Like Reagan, I expect that Trump’s mark on our economy is going to be further deregulation which bolsters the oligarchy.

Will Trump fight for the working class as he promised on the campaign trail? Or will he just blow smoke up our asses as his business partners make out like bandits? Like any politician, there’s a lot more promise than substance so far when it comes to how he hopes to achieve his platform.

Whether he delivers or fucks up, the people eventually win either way. If he’s able to deliver and bolsters the national workforce with re-worked trade agreements and a focus on domestic production, then good for us. If he fails spectacularly and further bolsters the 1%, then the turmoil he creates may finally be enough for America to press the Socialist button the next time it pops up.

Regressive Left vs. Alt Right

I’ll be honest, earlier this year I refused to believe that “Alt Right” was a thing. The way it was tossed out by Clinton and immediately lapped up by the media reeked of GamerGate levels of media collusion. GamerGate itself had also been labeled as “Alt Right” as a smear tactic, nothing new to the often mislabeled movement for honest reporting in video games media.

I’m tempted to believe that the “Alt Right” indeed started out as a Regressive Left boogieman much in the way that GamerGate did, and the out-grouping of their opponents unintentionally organized and galvanized them into an actual group (much like GamerGate).

If Breitbart’s lengthy article on the subject has any merit, then that certainly seems to be the case. The college going non-liberal intellectuals, meme lords, and “natural conservatives” had been around for years, they simply didn’t have any real representation or cohesion. Trump is an easy choice for meme lords and NCs alike with his brand of rhetoric, and it’s clear to anyone with half a brain that the GOP and establishment republicans lost the thread a long time ago so a maverick is a reasonable choice to get behind if not the best.

On the other side of the aisle, you have the ever expanding cancerous mass that is the Regressive Left. Adequately described in this little video, the Regressive Left seems to be the Democrat’s version of the Tea Party. Light on facts, high on emotional rhetoric, their signature move is to call everyone and everything racist and/or sexist. Sound familiar now?

In my opinion, it wasn’t just Clinton’s terrible personality and campaign practices that sunk her candidacy against what should have been a slam dunk opponent, but also the strange bedfellows that the DNC has with the Regressive Left. On a daily basis, Clinton’s criminal investigations took a back seat to the constant fear mongering and accusations of sexism and racism lobbed on Trump. Deflection, it turns out, is not a viable platform.

This too shall pass

Quite frankly, if the best the GOP can do is the limp dick crony capitalism of establishment republicans, they deserve to be replaced. And despite all the claims of racism and white nationalism, the Alt Right could very well be the fresh infusion of blood and philosophy that America’s Republican party needs.

On the other hand, if the DNC’s only tactic is to stick to their guns and call everyone a sexist while they sink, then burn that fucker to the ground. The Regressive Left is the polar opposite of informed political discourse, and I have no respect for people who claim free speech should have limits when it’s offensive.

Personally, I’d prefer a one world communist utopia where we could all work together to end the everyday struggles of humanity and work together on fixing our planet and exploring the stars, Star Trek style. But since no one is running on anything remotely resembling this platform, I’m content to sit back and snicker as memes are lobbed at the perpetually offended.

We’re basically all going to be fucked to death by Climate Change, so might as well enjoy the lulz in the meantime.