Now the original plan would have been to have this whole thing done and printed by today (with a cover design from my mom) and hand it to you like that. This time, however, I apparently was a little in over my head and needless to say, I did not make it in time. So what you’ll get instead now is — once again — a weekly update of…whatever exactly this is. This, perhaps, does not come as that much of a surprise to you since I just can’t keep my mouth shut, apparently. So on top of everything, I’m sorry for being whiny about it at times. I really did enjoy writing it (and still do) and I really hope that you will enjoy it just as much. Maybe one day I’ll manage to actually surprise you. But today is not that day.
It is, however, the perfect day to tell you that I love you and that you are so very dear and important to me. I am glad to have you be a part of my life. You are one hell of a person and my opinion on that won’t ever change. 
❤ Happy birthday❤
Enough with the gayness. And on with another kind of gayness. There’s only one thing left to say: For today I am uploading two chapters, because the prologue alone would not have cut it and it would be a little…anti climatic.


It was dark. So incredibly dark. He did not remember much. There had been darkness before. But not as permanent; not as swallowing. Stars, sprinkling the night sky like powder sugar on a pancake. Neon lights, bright and dirty, flickering and broken. Now all of this was gone. This void of darkness and nothingness had swallowed him whole and he did not know how or when it had happened. Something crucial was missing from his memory. There was no smell, no noise. He was beginning to wonder if he was even still here. Or if maybe this was what being dead felt like. If this was Heaven or Hell. And what he had done to end up in Hell…what he had done to end up dying at all, really.

“How are you feeling?” There was no sign of concern in the strange voice. He was unable to figure out where it had come from. It might have been only in his head. Maybe it was someone from the world of the living, trying to communicate with him; a voice strong enough to reach him from there. A doctor, if he was lucky. He felt himself unable to communicate an answer…or a sign that he had heard and that he was still alive.

“It’s strong, isn’t it? The venom” The voice sounded amused this time, yet soft and warm, like honey or melted butter. God, he was so hungry. How long had it been?

The voice, however, did not seem to care all that much for his personal needs. “It has been used by the military for years now”

Then he saw something for the very first time. A flash, a reflection of light. Gone in the blink of an eye. “It’s funny, really. This particular venom…it numbs every sense of your body. Quite fascinating. They wanted to use it for medical purposes, you know. Because it did not kill a healthy, grown human. It just knocked them out. Imagine that. A completely natural product to use for anaesthesia. And they did try it. But you know what they found out?” The voice came closer. It had not been in his head at all. The man was right here, in front of him. And now he came so close that he could feel his lips grazing his jaw right underneath his ear. “There was one thing the human body was still able to feel after being bitten by this particular snake. Do you know what this feeling was?”

He held his breath for a whole three seconds. He had not even been aware of the fact that he was still breathing. Somehow he had come to terms with the fact that he was already dead. And by now he wished that he was. Because he knew the answer. He just could not open up his mouth to say it. And the man did not wait for him either.

“It’s pain” The man jabbed his claws into his neck. “But not just any pain. Not just regular pain, oh no” He heard the man laughing, but the pain was so much louder in his head. It took up every space in his body. Pain was what he saw — millions of dazzling stars right in front of his eyes. Pain was what he heard — his own screams drowned out by his own whimpers and an overwhelming high pitched tinnitus. Pain was what he smelled — the sharp metallic smell of his own blood. Pain was what he tasted — as he bit his tongue until it drew blood as well.

“Because if all your other senses are numb…if pain is all you can feel…” The man slowly brought his clawed hand down his back, leaving a bloody trail of slashed open skin. “…then the feeling is so much more intense, isn’t it? But I don’t have to tell you that…” The hand suddenly stopped. “…do I, professor?”

The man punched him straight into the face.

“After all, you have been studying venomous reptiles for all your life, haven’t you?” Another punch. It was targeted at his stomach this time.

“But don’t worry, this won’t take long if you decide to cooperate” Someone was pulling his hair to the point where he thought it was going to come off. But it didn’t. What a shame. Maybe this would have stopped the pain.

“Listen up, professor. You have got something that I want. But unfortunately, I can’t just kill you and steal it from you. Because I need a little help from you first” The man slowly wrapped his fingers around his neck, digging his claws into the sensitive skin. “And let’s just say…maybe I’ve got something that you want too. Something other than just sparing your life” The man put more pressure into his grip. He clicked his tongue. “I am not a monster. I am a man of honour and I would be more than happy to make a contract with you”

The professor was wheezing and coughing, but he couldn’t move; couldn’t resist.

“You are left handed, aren’t you?” Again, the man did not wait for an answer. He grabbed the professor’s right hand. “You won’t be needing this one to sign my contract then” He tightened his grip until he could feel and see the bones cracking underneath his fingers.

An agonizing scream filled the empty hallways of the old factory building, followed by the man’s rough and dark laughter.