The First “Real” Social Media App for ALL Creatives Types

We’re a social media app for all creative types. There’s no exceptions. If you make art, or help create it in any form then CLOUD ATMOS is for you.

Our platform allows users to connect with others instantly in their area. A surplus of options gives users the power to create projects, hire talent, and socially engage with anyone, anywhere, 24/7.

In addition, we’ve created a marketplace for users to sell gear, and advertise their services. Thus generating potential income streams for our entire community. LAUNCHING Q4 2016.


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Why do we need another social media app?

Because what we described doesn’t exist yet.

Variations of this have come and gone, but were/are only limited to certain groups. I.E. Site A = Only digital artists. Site B = Musicians only. App C = Photography portfolio service. And so on.

But why target all creative artists?

From 17 combined years of experience in the entertainment industry, we can tell you that the majority of, if not ALL projects require a touch of help from others.

A musician needs an engineer to record and mix songs. A content producer needs a graphic artist to help market a product. A fashion designer requires a needle and thread artist. A screenwriter needs a director who needs dozens more to finish their movie.

There are millions of variations of how this goes on. Many art forms also go unrecognized, and don’t fit in with other apps. This is problematic moving into the future where tech is becoming the standard for communication.

So it’s not radical to say; there needs to be a place for all of these types to come together.

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Why not use those other apps, or sites then?

Because people don’t like exchanging lists of places where their work can be found. It’s confusing, it’s messy and someone may not even be aware of certain niche apps.

98% of art work is hosted on a “top 4” social giant, which isn’t made for this. These are lifestyle apps. Imagine trying to hire a team member and then seeing how they partied the night before.

Followers, and likes are now factored into relevancy which leads to discouragement for newer artists. It’s chaos out there.

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Alright, but how is this going to change or impact the world?

Great question! Let me tell you a quick story. This is important.

In 2009 I was acquired to co-produce the first movie to be shot in Qatar by locals. I was only hired because my work was published online, and the directors couldn’t find anyone else in their country to help! A random email sent an unsuspecting American to the Middle East for the first time.

We created a piece of history… but would things have been different if an app like Cloud Atmos existed at that time? Probably. And listen “probably” is a damn good metric when speaking on kick starting cultural movements.

Art changes the world every day. We see it everywhere we go, and it undoubtedly brings us all together. A great song in any language is still a great song, just like how a smile is still a smile.

A large portion of the world have to suppress creativity because there are no communities to support them. And if we can help facilitate this in the slightest, or help 1 starving creative then we’ve already won.

Last words?

You think all artists finally need their own app right? Cool. We have nothing left to say. Oh, did we mention that this doesn’t exist yet?

Hey guys! John Darko here… Would love your initial feedback on all of the above! If you have any questions please drop em’ in the comments or email — this app is a labor of love to be completely transparent. As much as the social market becomes saturated going into the future, there still hasn’t been a true social media tool to really help push careers forward. There’s too many niche groups causing more alienation for the creative community — there’s too much of that going on right now on Insta, and FB. ALIENATION. Classism, etc. These lifestyle apps have somehow become the standard for exhibition causing way top much friction as the crowd fights for relevancy in the forms of “likes”. More than often real artists get overlooked because an individual may not be a trending topic — so in return we get cheap, and thin content.

A paradigm shift needs to happen, and we’re proud to step in and take on all the challenges that come with scaling a massive effort like the one we just described.


John Darko

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