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Scenario: You submitted a Pull Request (PR) for a sophisticated contribution to production (prod), that you spent several hours on.

Kudos to you!

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But then a code reviewer does not approve your PR.

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Your query worked, so what happened?

It may turn out that you’re writing style may not be up-to-par with the team’s standards.

And that’s not your fault! It’s something you should not be ashamed about, but understanding about.

But why? First…

What is Readability?

Readability is the style, standarization, and practice for “readable” code. …

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What is an OKR?

OKR (Objectives and Key Results)[Not OKRA] is a framework for defining and tracking objectives and outcomes to drive engagement and focus on your goals.

Objectives are motivational, challenging, and qualitative descriptions of what you want to achieve.

Key Results are a set of metrics that measure your progress towards the Objective.

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OKR methodology was introduced to Intel by Andy Grove in his 1983 book “High Output Management”. Later on in 1999, Intel’s John Doerr recommends the methodology to Google’ CEOs Larry Page and Sergey Brin for their 40+team.

OKR Example

OKR Formulation

The following is a general structure for forming and OKR

I will [Objective] as measured by [Key Result].

It’s been 1 week since I started the next part of my journey — a situation in which a lot of my coworkers appeared startled after responding “Nothing yet. I am going to start looking for my next opportunity soon” after the question “Where are you going to go next?”…

I made the decision to not extend my Business Data Analyst contract at a Top 10 Technology company.

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From the food, commuting, work environment, and various fruitful amenities provided from the role to working with a wonderful group of Business Intelligence, Insights, and Engineering individuals in an agile and great environment, I was still not satisfied. …


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