Fuck me, is all of this abstract as hell or nah?

I find myself once more waiting for the same kind of pizza that I always order. Salami but without onion, because onion is disgusting unless ground to a paste. Salami because, in Sweden, pepperoni is actually a sloppy piece of pepper. I learned this quickly after I moved here from the surprisingly superiorly educated habitat of Norway. Other than that minor detail, and that ignorant swedes are somewhat more ignorant than ignorant Norwegians, it is the same bittersweet soup.

I guess one could say that Sweden-soup is Norway-soup that has been mildly decaying on the kitchen counter overnight. That said, Sweden-soup is significantly cheaper. Which leads to an interesting question, what the fuck am I talking about? The answer? I have no idea.

It struck me however that, if one imagine oneself as an infinitely wise, infinitely infinite, formless god-being who simply was. Do that. Now sink into that feeling for a few seconds, and just think about this:

how fucking abstract is life, and the things we humans do?

What the fuck are we doing?