White house misleading tweets warning!

I am not opposed to Donald Trump, I believe he has achieved remarkable things so far. However reading some tweets today from the whitehouse, signed Donald Trump, my alarms go off. Please before you click this article away, scroll to the bottom and read his post, spread word about these propaganda lies. Capitalism the way USA has implemented it is NO BETTER THAN COMMUNISM! For in-depth explanation, without any conspiracy theories, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fbvquHSPJU

“The living standards of Nordic countries are at least 15 percent lower than in the United States, despite the abundance of “free” government services.”

I am not speaking on the basis of numbers now, because then we would have to dive into definitions and discussions about how to measure etc. However I have many close friends who lives in USA, most of them between 18–30 years of age. Our shared experience is that we have MUCH higher standards of living here in Scandinavia than they have in USA. Anecdotal? Sure.. However you can juggle numbers as much as you want, run surveys etc. This is the usual way that governments gets to “prove” whatever they want because everything is context. 15 percent lower, in what context?

Yes, in general we have shittier cars over here. We pay quite a bit of tax on cars, and we pay quite a bit of tax in general. However we actually get free health care, free education, and the minimum wages are actually fine. I am not saying that Scandinavia is perfect by any means, we have many of the same issues that the rest of the world has. Incompetent, uneducated, slow moving governments, ridiculous and cruel micro management of the people, satanic propaganda. We are part of the western society after all.

But make no mistake, if you follow the laws here then you will live well. I know absolutely no one, and have never known anyone who have had an actual problem in terms of economy. That is to say, sure people still get into economical fucky situations, but that is usually due to reckless choices or ignorance. No matter how much you fuck up though, no one is starving here. No one is sleeping on the streets unless they choose to.

NO ONE is rejected by the health care system because they had a shitty insurance or not enough money. NO ONE who wants to get an education will be denied one. Colleges and universities are free, but we also get cheap loans for living from the government while we study. At least 40% of this loan is deleted if you pass your exams. You only have to pay interest on these loans when you have a stable income, and after your education is done. You can study full time without having any extra jobs, though you will be living a humble lifestyle. Most work a few evenings a week to get cash for partying and hobbies.

“body of water near houses and mountains” by Yuriy Garnaev on Unsplash

We have five weeks of mandatory vacation a year by law. We work 8 hour days, five days a week, and anything beyond that gives 150–200% mandatory increase in salary. I have -never- been asked by any employer to compromise on my five weeks of vacation. Various christian holidays comes on top of those five weeks:

January 1st — always a holiday
Three to four days during Easter
May 1st — always holiday
May 17th — holiday
Three additional holidays in May related to christian stuff
December 25th and 26th — holidays

Please don’t misunderstand me now, I’m not trying to brag or to sound smug by listing privileges or salaries. I’m just trying to tell you about my experience as a Scandinavian citizen, so that YOU yourself can decide if the information from the white house sounds misleading.

I have an average or a bit above Norwegian salary, I live with my girlfriend who is currently studying. Oh and plus our dog. We have a good deal on the house we rent, I will admit, but here’s our financial situation:

After paying on car loan, rent, electricity, internet, various online services such as Spotify and Netflix, food (we don’t save money on food we just buy whatever), everything our spoiled dog gets, other common items, we still have the equivalent of ~2000 dollars or more left to do whatever we want with. My girlfriend doesn’t work, but she receives some support from the government. Some Scandinavians would say that this is not normal, and maybe not. People who live in less remote areas, who have kids, and who had more expensive hobbies, and who were more social would have less than that. We don’t go out to drink etc, we don’t have children, we don’t buy fashion, we don’t use cosmetics and such, and we don’t subscribe to TV.

I just want people to understand what Scandinavian living looks like, and my own life is the only true experience I can speak of. I don’t consider wealth to be of any status or anything that makes me respect someone more or less. I believe that all humans should be treated as equally as possible, receive the help they need, earn a fair salary for the contribution they give to society. I believe that unless we respect every human in our society, we are creating enemies. No one chose to be born, no one chose their initial conditions, and everyone is loved by someone. Everyone’s problem should be society’s problem.

My humble experience is that after I started hanging with American people online, I have only been disgusted by the lack of respect and value the American society seems to give them. The minimum wages are absolutely revolting. The expectations put on some of them are inhumane. Children grow up with broken parents, and they are punished for it. The gap between the lower class and the middle class seems to me to be unacceptable. I wouldn’t wish being born American upon my worst enemy, and I don’t mean that as any kind of hate towards America or the people. America has so many amazing people, so many intelligent people, and unfortunately many of these were never given a fair or proper chance in life. Many of them never realize the potential they have within them, because they were born into what I’d call POVERTY. I love Americans, that’s why I’m writing this post. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I have gotten the wrong image, maybe the white house is right after all.

My initial instinct however, is that I am right. Ask around online, ask Scandinavians not other Americans, find out for yourself what is and what isn’t true. What I have seen tells a complete opposite story than the whitehouse tweets is trying to insinuate!

Edit: Do keep in mind that things are more expensive here! This is a rough estimate, but assume that most thing costs 1.5 times what Americans pay for it. This is true for electronics, probably fast food, clothes, etc.. When I say equivalent of 2000 USD I have not taken this into account. I’m speaking from my chest now, don’t take anything as absolute facts. Look around online if you want concrete examples, or ask me and I’ll compile a more precise comparison of things. Most electronics have 5 years of warranty by law and should they stop functioning before that, they must be fixed or replaced.