Google maps seo is a great way to get exposure for your business. However, it is important that you take the appropriate steps to ensure that you are ranking correctly on the maps. SEO is important when ranking on map results and you need to know what you can do to enhance your strategy…

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I hear it all the time.

“How can I spread the word about my business if I don’t have a budget?”

One way, is to leverage your ability to advertise on Craigslist.

I’m sure you are asking yourself, “Is this guy nuts? Can I get any real business from Craigslist?”.

The answer is almost always YES!

Understanding the Marketing Potential on Craigslist

Ok, you’re right. Every business isn’t going to kill it with some craigslist posts.

You would be surprised how many will though.

If you are an attorney that deals with business litigation, yeah this isn’t for you.

A painter or a plumber however, get…

You might think that social media is just a way to communicate with people from all over the world. You can share what you had for lunch, what your golf score was, or who your dinner date is.

However, it is not only for personal use.

Because of the fact that social media reaches people from all over the world, it is a great way to advertise the business that you have.

Whether it is straight up marketing with ads on social media network sites, or actual posts from your company’s social media accounts, social media is a great platform…

Every company says the same thing.

How can I get customers to write a piece about my company?

To be honest, that isn’t even the important part.

The key is to get them to be eager to share their experience, and get them to go in depth.

For a testimonial to be valuable to your business, it needs to relate to the potential customers that view it.

It won’t strike a nerve with every one, but we just need a segment. Pile up those testimonials and you soon reach many segments of your audience with the vital “social proof”.


Today WordPress powers a huge percentage of the websites on the web. It allows anyone to create a website with every “feature” that they could need.

Those features come with a cost though.

Every plugin that you add to your website to make it do this cool thing or that one, adds additional load on your website. It makes the site heavier for those loading, especially important on mobile devices.

Optimized website test results
Optimized website test results

Beyond that, all of those plugins get updated by their developers, sometimes for sake of security. …

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