Is it Wise to Sign Up for Cheap VPS Server Hosting?

Cheap VPS server hosting is an attractive proposition for small and medium sized businesses. These businesses are on the verge of expansion and need more resources than what shared plans can offer them. At the same time, they do not have the money and technical know-how to buy dedicated servers. This is why cheap VPS server hosting plans appeal to them. With these solutions, they can enjoy nearly all benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the costs.

You can get cheap Windows VPS or Linux VPS depending on the kind of plan you choose. Unmanaged hosting is typically cheaper but it will make you responsible for server management. However, there are some drawbacks that you may have to deal with when you choose low-priced VPS plans.

What are the disadvantages of choosing cheap VPS server hosting?

  • When you can get cheap VPS server hosting solutions, you make a dash for it because it helps you to cut down on your hosting costs. This means you get to keep more for future investment or take it home as salary. But there are cheap plans which may inflict a lot of damage to your business and tarnish its reputation. A host is usually able to offer you low priced plans because it has compromised on quality of services. Your provider is not going to run into losses in order to provide you with cheaper hosting options. So, just like you want to save money on hosting solutions, the vendor is also keen to maximize his profits. The result is that you may be given solutions which are not supported by good quality services.
  • Another disadvantage that you may be forced to deal with when settling for cheap VPS server hosting is an inferior data center. Since the vendor wants to get more customers, it selects poor-quality data centers. A data center works like the foundation for any hosting service and when it is not backed by a redundant architecture and robust security measures, it cannot be trusted. It may lead to inferior quality VPS hosting services.
  • Many VPS providers try to save costs by not investing in redundant connections. In the high-tier data centers, there will always be a redundant network which will consist of many nodes, routers, switches etc that may not be required for daily tasks. But these are present to come into play when there is an outage or crisis situation. However, providers offering cheap hosting will not invest in such redundant network connections as these are not needed on day-to-day basis. Since these are not critical to daily operations these companies do not spend money on buying or maintaining such equipments. But, when there is an outage, customers find themselves struggling to keep the site up and running. The slightest downtime then can translate into huge revenue losses.
  • When you choose cheap VPS server hosting, you often end up getting poor quality servers. The quality of servers must be very good because every physical server is home to many virtual private servers. But many vendors try to oversell their plans. As a result, very often, the plans exceed what the servers can support.

The vendors feel that most hosting accounts will not be using all of their resources at the same time. But, in case there comes a time when almost all of the hosting accounts need to use up their resources, it will pose a severe threat to your business. That is a risk most business owners will perhaps not be keen to take. When the site performance starts to exceed the capacity of your VPS server, your applications will soon become unresponsive.