Tips on How to Choose a Cheap VPS Hosting Provider in India

VPS server hosting is the most popular and widely used hosting platform that suits the needs of both small and large businesses. There are several web hosting companies out there in the market claiming to be offering cheap VPS hosting plans. But you must be very careful and must make sure you get the best quality services from the cheap VPS hosting provider in India.

An in-between solution to shared and dedicated servers:

Startups and small organizations generally use the shared hosting platform to start their online business as it is the cheapest solution available. But it becomes a hindrance to growth as the traffic to your website increases. You should look for an equally affordable alternative solution which you find in a VPS server. The cheap VPS hosting provider in India will place your website in a separate container and offer you dedicated resources exclusively for your use. It means that although you are sharing the server with other users like in a shared hosting, you get your own independent resources like a dedicated server customer. However, VPS servers are far more affordable than the dedicated servers.

How to select a cheap VPS hosting provider in India:

1- Support: You will find plenty of hosting providers offering cheap VPS plans but not all are reliable. Even the quality of services they offer are cheap. You need a provider that is available 24/7 right through the year. You cannot afford to compromise with a server that is down just because you are unable to reach your host and inform about downtime.

2- Uptime: Your provider should commit to an uptime of at least 99.95% and high-speed internet connectivity. If your website is down frequently, your customers will not come back to you. You will not only lose your clientele but will be aiding your competitor by increasing their sales.

3- Resources: The host should offer flexible plans with a decent share of resources including bandwidth. A slow website also can lead to dissatisfied visitors who will not come back to you. Make sure the infrastructure they offer is of best quality.

Choice of servers:

Almost all web hosting plans are offered in both Windows and Linux servers. You will need to look for cheap Windows VPS servers if your website is constructed on the MSSQL and ASP.NET technologies. This is mainly because Linux does not support the Microsoft technologies. Windows requires you to pay a license fee which makes it more expensive than the Linux servers.


The cheap VPS hosting provider in India gives your business complete control over the server. You can configure it the way you wish, customize it with your own software which your host has not provided so long as they comply with the clauses laid out by your host in their terms and conditions.


The cheap VPS hosting provider in India places your websites in individual containers that are hosted in highly secure data centers. You have total secrecy and privacy with no possibilities of any outside intrusions.