Tips to Get a Robust Data Center in India

A robust data center in India will offer you facilities for housing your servers, switches, routers, firewalls and backup equipments like air conditioning systems and fire suppression systems. So the data center is essentially a repository where you can place your own servers for data storage; the data center provider will offer you the networking facilities, bandwidth, support and security for your data and applications. The data center functions like a central repository, whether virtual or physical, which can help you store, manage and distribute data pertaining to a specific business. You will find many data center service providers in India, but you must choose them carefully using the following suggestions:

  • A robust data center in India should have the infrastructure to support both existing and future technologies. The data center power density has been steadily growing because of the emergence of newer and more advanced technologies. But there are many colocation hosting providers who are unable to support such technologies.
  • When choosing a robust data center in India, it is necessary to review its Service Level Agreement carefully to know about the uptime guarantees the provider offers. The provider should also clearly state the compensations it will offer incase of failure to meet such uptime guarantees. You should also find out whether the provider can offer out-of-the-box solutions when needed and whether you can scale your resources up and down depending on the demands of web traffic.
  • A robust data center in India should also offer you with neutral carrier redundancy; this means that the provider should be able to offer you a wide range of network carriers so as to offer connectivity benefits within their facility.
  • Your data center provider should also ideally be situated in an area which is not prone to natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes. It should also not be located at too great a distance from your company so that you do not have to bear huge transportation costs for transferring manpower or equipments to the facility to carry out manual repairs or for upgrades etc.
  • The data center provider should also implement strict and robust security measures to ensure that there is no authorized data access. Ideally, there must be multiple security layers both within and outside a data center facility. So, before you sign up for data center hosting services, it may be a good idea to find out about these security procedures and measures like biometric access, cardkey entry, data encryption, on-site cameras, and 24x7 surveillance security guards etc.
  • The data center provider you choose should also be able to offer you far advanced cooling and networking systems than what you could have enjoyed in a private data center. This will ensure that your site continues to function optimally even in instances of power outages.
  • Finally, you must also ensure that the data center facility you choose is financially stable and has a good track record; it should be an uptime-certified data center that is SSAE 16-compliant and must carry out routine security audits.

Using these parameters, you should be able to identify a robust data center in India. Your aim should be to sign up with a provider which will allow you to expand seamlessly by providing you with additional space or bandwidth when you need them. The provider should be open to making changes in the contract as and when your business changes.