What Makes Managed Dedicated Servers a Good Choice for Businesses?

Because of the overwhelmingly large numbers of businesses today, demands for managed dedicated servers have significantly risen. In dedicated hosting, a single server is allotted to a single client so that the client enjoys the server’s resources exclusively. When businesses wish to manage the servers on their own, they can choose to sign up for unmanaged dedicated servers.

These unmanaged hosting plans are typically less costly but the responsibility of troubleshooting any kind of technical issue or carrying out routine updates will rest with you and not the web host. However, when businesses decide to outsource the hosting requirements to a third party provider, they choose managed dedicated servers or colocation hosting providers.

What is managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting?

The managed dedicated servers are found to be ideally suited for majority of businesses because of their round-the-clock support to clients. Besides, this, managed dedicated hosting plans will also take care of timely upgrades, security and monitoring of servers, load balancing, routine data backups, application installations etc. Since these tasks are handled ably by the hosting provider, businesses can focus on their organization’s development. They are also spared of the hassles of hiring skilled workers and installing advanced hardware and software to provide these features.

In unmanaged dedicated hosting however, the task of server management is not handled by the host; rather it is the onus of the company itself. So, this form of hosting works well only with a handful of businesses. It demands specific skills for server management, their maintenance and monitoring. The customer is given total root access to the server.

The client also enjoys the freedom to install an operating system of his choice. The provider will also not offer restart services and in order to get these, you may have to spend extra. This type of hosting is therefore better suited for local companies.

What benefits will you get with managed dedicated servers?

  • When you choose managed dedicated servers, you can get higher security. Hosts which have quality data centers will also invest a lot of time and funds into carrying out routine audits to make sure the network security, physical security and company-wide policies satisfy set norms. Hosts that offer managed hosting will also take care of software updates to make sure the dedicated servers are well protected from viruses and malware. They will have your critical data stored in offsite backups so that the data stays safe.
  • Besides, managed hosting will guarantee businesses continuous tech support through chats, phone and emails. This kind of professional support saves you a lot of time and money and you can invest these elsewhere. Your business operations get streamlined and you do not have to recruit new staff or train them to monitor the servers.
  • When you do not need to worry about downtimes, you can focus on other areas. Managed dedicated servers provide you with this freedom. They have quality data center infrastructure that guarantees seamless operations. They offer uninterrupted power and continuous network connectivity.
  • Moreover, managed solutions allow businesses to grow smoothly. So, they can provide you with additional resources whenever you need them.