Beta is now live

So we shipped our latest update and decided it was ready to be called our first Beta release of With this release, we move a big step forward in where we want to take While we are in Beta you can sign up for free using the access key BETAISLIVE, and try the full set of features at no cost to you, so get in now and have a look at what can do for you and managing your AWS environments.

The focus of is to:

  • Make it easy to ‘set and forget’ the times your AWS services run
  • Allow you to only pay for your systems when your team needs them
  • Reduce your operational effort by enabling non IT staff to start the services they need
  • Increase control and visibility around change with our simplified dashboard

With it is as simple as login, connect your AWS account, setup a basic schedule and you are already saving money on your normal AWS spend.

Some of the goodies that Beta brings with it…..

  • New full responsive and site, so you can easily use on any device anytime you need
  • Localised timezones, set your timezone and everything will display and transition at exactly the right time
  • Support for RDS services integrated with your environments
  • Improved feedback when your AWS account policy needs adjusting
  • A set of default schedules to help you on your way

Coming soon will be

  • Delay a transition for a custom period without changing the set schedules. Need to run a load test over night when the environment would normally be stopped. Easy, just delay the transition no need to alter or delete the existing schedule.

While we are in Beta it is free to sign up to any of the pricing plans so go and try out the premium features — slack integration, the ability to manage multiple AWS accounts or the simple out of the box default schedules.

Now that we are in Beta we will be ramping up our push to bring even more new features to the platform so keep an eye out for some new changes coming soon.

Steve and the team

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