How Cloud-Based Solutions Help the SME Industry

With over 55 million companies within the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) industry in India, they continue to face significant challenges. In many cases, SMEs deploy expensive and inefficient technology solutions that instead lead to poor productivity and a lower return on investment (ROI).

Nearly a quarter of theindustry, around 12 million SMEs, are now in search of cloud-based solutions such as public cloud storage services or private cloud services to meet daily requirements and solve their business problems. Here are five ways cloud data storage can help SMEs.

1. Modernize Software and Technology

Many SMEs are using homegrown IT solutions and outdated technology.Inadequate service and support, high cost, and lack of quality solutions at the local level have led many companies to deploy inefficient, unproductive, and even confusing technology solutions.

Cloud data storage solutions offer 24/7 online support and training and the benefits of standardized pricing. These cloud solutions offer SMEs all the new and current benefits of modern software and technology. With data located in the cloud, all they need areinternet and a smartphone to work at any location.

2. Eliminating the Underlying Fear of Technology

Perhaps the biggest barrier to SMEs adopting technology is the “fear of technology.” This stems from a reluctance to make a large investment into new and unknown technologies. In addition, many SME employees fear change, especially when adopting new technology, due to limited training and lack of consistent support from software supplies on different continents.

Cloud storage services are much easier to understand, implement, monitor, and track progress or success. It reduces the need for IT personnel to allow end users to follow instructions in their language because cloud solutions are based on user-friendly models.

3. Operating Expenditure Model vs. Capital Expenditure

SMEs are continually faced with limited financial resources for upfront expenses. SMEs typically end up with cheaper or homegrown solutions as short-term fixes which leads to a cycle of poor ROI and not enough funds to correct the issue.

Cloud storage services offer a significant advantage by operating on anexpenditure model versus capital expenditure because services are paid for each month. Instead of needing significant funds to pay for modern technology solutions upfront, cloud data storage solutions are much more affordable for SMEs to get started.

4. IT and Management Information Systems Become Affordable

Unlike large corporations, SMEs typically don’t have established processes, workflows, and standardized metrics to follow. SMEs are generally led by a proprietor and their employee’s methods are often instinctive and reactive which affects productivity and efficiency. The combination of poor management information systems and a lack of processes or proper IT can affect decision-making.

Cloud storage services, including private cloud services, offer affordable, modern IT solutions for SMEs. New product innovations are added centrally making them instantly available to all clients. SMEs now have better processes, greater transparency, and real-time data for timely management. In addition, cloud data storage reduces annual costs through accuracy and efficiency.

5. Easier Access and a Broader Reach

The SME market is spread across India in various economic areas and languages. Due to the fragmented market over expansive geography, it’s difficult to provide effective and relevant solutions. Cost alone is a huge factor keeping services from reaching the SME market.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of cloud data storage solutions is the easy access. No physical material must be delivered or installed. Cloud storage services can be bought and started without local suppliers or support personnel needed on the ground. In addition, cloud technology suppliers now have easier access to SMEs creating more competition for affordable solutions.

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