The Educational ERP: Campus Management System

What is it?

The Campus management system is an ERP software designed by Cloud NextVision to help automate the education industry. The education industry is meant for the performance and the learning of the students from the courses that the educational institutions offer. On the other hand, the primary aim of an educational institute is to prepare students and impart learning and knowledge to them for the sake of producing enlightened students who can enhance the contribution of the new generation to the society and survival of humankind. The Campus management system attempts to achieve all of the aforementioned aspects and helps the management of an educational institution to run a self-dependent knowledge house.

How does it work?

Before discussing the methodology of the working of the software, let us see what constitutes the education industry. There are three stakeholders, and these are the students, parents and the management themselves (management covers teaching staff). An educational institute deals on daily basis with these components. Any ERP software which is unable to address the automation of the specific needs of the target customer is worthless. The Campus management system has been attempting from the time of its inception to locate the requirements of all of these three stakeholders and moving one step further, it is helping in achieving a greater insight in the overall growth of an educational institute.

Now we will discuss the working of the Campus ERP Software in fulfilling needs of each of the stakeholders and promote growth.

The Students

The existence of education industry is because of the students and source of primary importance within an educational institution. And educational institutions exist to help students in accomplishing their goals and make a foundation for their ambitions. Within the vicinity of the campus management system, let us focus on how it helps students in monitoring themselves and improve their abilities.

1. The students get the opportunity of paying the fees online and check the fees paid and associated issues.

2. The students can access the reference to the backdated lectures and courses through the document management system in case of missing a class.

3. The students receive the schedule of classes on any day or month or even in a year and can plan their personal life activities without being absent.

4. The student can review their performances in attendance, course completion and other evaluations criteria and student activities.

5. The students can access the online references of books, periodicals, and other materials through e-library.

The Parents

The backbone for students in pursuing education is their parents who make the necessary investments in their kids’ education and plays an important role in the growth of the students and achieving the blessings of education. Privileges offered by the campus management system for the parents are mentioned below.

1. It provides the dashboard for parents reflecting insights into the performance of the students.

2. It enables the parents in receiving the schedules, attendance, and performance of their ward.

3. Based on the alerts of schedules received by the parents, the campus management system helps the parents in making a direct communication with the institute.

The Management

The management of an educational institute includes the teaching staff and non-teaching staff. The campus management system follows a process satisfying the needs of the management in general.

Non-teaching staff

1. Attempts automation of the admission process and reduce the time of the administrative staff needed for documentation.

2. Offers a complete scheduling system for the classroom and faculty allocation.

3. Management and allocation of assets derive maximum leverage from the institutional assets.

4. Online option of the student fee collection, management, and other payments.

5. The Campus management system offers dashboards for administrative staff reflecting real-time insight into the institutes functioning.

The teaching staff

The faculty or the teaching staff of the institute access what from the campus management system is listed below.

1. It offers the teaching staff to choose lesson/course and scheduling of the same.

2. It offers complete automation of preparing notes and lectures.

3. Insight into the student performance against the class performance, assignments, and other criteria offered by the campus management system helps the teaching staff to judge students and decide on how to support the individual student.

4. It helps the teaching staff in analyzing the needs for courses and extra courses for individual students.

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