Common Myths About Cloud Hosting Busted

The question of ‘if’ a company should move to cloud hosting services has been replaced by ‘when’ they will. Cloud hosting has rapidly gained a lot of popularity over time. The promise of reliability and security, along with low costs has given the cloud industry a major leverage. In fact, a report published by Gartner says that, in 2016 alone, the cloud industry saw an increase of 16.5% in revenue, which totals to nearly $204 billion (Gartner, 2016).

That being said, even though cloud has become very popular, there are still many myths and misconceptions that tend to steer a lot of companies in the wrong direction. When companies consider moving their data to the cloud, the most common question asked is, ‘is the cloud secure?’. While reasonable, as security is always a priority for every company, most of these doubts and concerns stem from unreasonable misconceptions. Hence, to demystify these concerns, here are the most common myths about cloud hosting debunked: READ MORE

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