As the MOO Store continues to be developed and finetuned, stocking the shelves with the finest indie games out there continues to be one of our top priority. Of all the games that have agreed to come onboard, we would like to highlight two signed games developed by Asian developers that we believe will achieve great things together with the MOO Store in the months to come.


Beautiful girls, enthralling gameplay, and straight up stunning Japanese style artwork. From the studio that brought you Destiny Child, Japan’s one and only DMM Games’ popular MMORPG Oblivious is coming to Southeast Asia.

If you have not heard of the game, check out the trailer below or you can find more gameplay videos in its native Japanese on YouTube. If you do not understand a word of Japanese, fret not. The team is working on getting the game fully translated to English and will be further localised to other popular Southeast Asian languages.


Remember Curiosity — What’s Inside the Cube? The viral game from 5 years ago that took the mobile gaming scene by storm. For the uninitiated, Curiosity was a collaborative experimental game that had one goal: Destroy a giant virtual cube with millions of tiles on each face, layer by layer, until one lucky player reached the center and received a life changing prize. The game was not revived for a second season despite its popularity, but thanks to Gameom Entertainment from Singapore, the game is now revived. Boasting both digital and attractive physical prizes, Cubelr is definitely one to watch.

You can definitely do better than what CM Kiat came up with

We will also be organising contests for to see who can come up the best artwork. So if you think you got the talent and flair to create unique 8-bit style artwork, stay tuned and we will announce when season 1 starts!