MOO Evangelist Programme

As our community grows from larger, we have heard a good number of suggestions from our members through our chat ( and via email (

The most common topic that MOO enthusiasts bring up is the absence of a bounty programme and the difficulty for interested parties with tighter budgets to enter the pre-sale.

To fulfill our dream of building a community driven, we got to thinking: How can we reward passionate members of our community and guarantee their participation in our token sale?

So after some intense brainstorming, we have thought of a simple quest! Clear our KYC, comment on our ANN thread and write a short post/upload a short video about your thoughts on the MOO Token and store with the hashtag #MOOTokenSale.

In return, you will receive the opportunity to buy into our pre-sale(minimum of 10 ETH with 15% bonus tokens).

Think of it as 2-part quest.

To commence on your journey, you have to sign up. Fill up our KYC form and submit the necessary documents so we know who you are!

To get to our KYC portal, head over to our website( and click on the ‘Whitelist’ button.

Part 1:

Once you have submitted your KYC, the first part of your quest commences. Head over to our ANN thread ( and leave a comment about what you think of the MOO Token Sale.

Remember to take a screenshot of your post on the thread and the welcome message at the top left corner of your screen so that we can confirm that you posted.

The welcome message should look something like this.

Part 2:

The second part of your quest will be to write either a short post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or upload a short video (on Youtube, Vimeo etc.) with a link to our website ( and the hashtag #MOOTokenSale.

Once you have completed the tasks, fill up the form with the relevant screenshots and URLs and we will inform you once you qualify to contribute your 10–49 ETH with 15% bonus MOO Tokens:

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Bitcointalk ANN: