MOO Token Exchange Listing Update — With More to Come

It has been approximately three months since the end of our ICO. A lot has happened since then. We signed new strategic partnerships with like-minded blockchain and gaming organisations, expanded the team, and our MOO Store development has been right on schedule. We expect to launch our closed beta at the end of the month, and we have signed up a bunch of our MOO enthusiasts who have graciously offered their time and resources to critique the hard work we have put in.

As the MOO Token unlock date arrives, our community has been getting excited and we have been receiving two questions very regularly: (1) When is the MOO Token going to be listed and (2) where will it be listed. The prerequisites for MOO Token’s first exchange had to be in line with the team and our investors’ interest:

1. No deposit or withdrawal issues

2. Strong liquidity

3. Easy to work with

4. Secure and trustworthy

5. Ease of use.

6. Progressive and forward-looking exchange.

We have spoken with so many exchanges since the start of the year that we have lost count. We always aim to maintain high standards and as a result, many exchanges have failed to meet our stringent criteria. We are thankful that we have finally found an exchange which not only meets our criteria but also understands our business and shares the same vision as us.

A lot of man-hours and effort have been expended in submitting relevant documents, payments, and developing good relationships that will set the groundwork for a successful listing. Confidentiality clauses in our contract dictate that we cannot reveal the details including the name of the exchange until the official announcement has been made by the exchange (imagine, an exchange with that sort of sway that we have to keep everything under wraps). Nevertheless, we still wish to update you that the listing agreement was signed on 6 July 2018 and we have made payment to the exchange on 9 July 2018. We are now waiting for the exchange to confirm the exact listing date.

We hope the exact listing date will be confirmed by the exchange over the next few days. Rest assured that we will update all MOO enthusiasts in all our channels.

Game On!

CloudMoolah — MOO Token

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