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“Stop playing video games and get a job!” — Many of us have heard this before and think how great it would be to be able play game and earn money at the same time: like those pro- gamers, or better still, game developers.

It is a dream job for a gamer: designing and creating a game to your own liking and specifications, playing various games for “research”, going to exclusive events and see the latest games in the market — but of course if you ask any game developers out there, it’s not all fun and glam.

Game development industry is dominated by a handful of giant game studios: the top 10 game studios accounts for more than 50% of global mobile game revenue. Supercell alone clocked a revenue of US$2.03 billion in 2017, a staggering 4.2% share of the global mobile game revenue.

This comes as no surprise since the game publishing mechanism greatly favours deep-pocketed game developers who are willing to spend resources (read: money) to push their games to the “Featured” section of Google Play and Apple Store. Worse still, game developers bore a hefty distribution costs before any additional marketing or localisation costs. Consequently, many smaller outfits close shop within a few year of operation due to continuing losses.

Enter the MOO Token.
Currently being built on the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20), the MOO Token was conceptualised with game developers in mind — especially indie developers with great ideas and the drive to execute it. Utilising the power of Blockchain technology, the MOO Token seeks to not only eliminate problems plaguing game developers for years, but also give game developers convenience and cost-savings at the same time.

MOO Token democratises the distribution of mobile games in Southeast Asia and will give more back to game developers and gamers. Through our tokens, all intermediary costs such as currency conversion fees, retail margin fees and payment processing fees are eliminated.

MOO Store, the platform for MOO Token, will feature full-suite publishing service — starting in Southeast Asia — at a discount for MOO Token users. The publishing service includes marketing, translation, localisation and many more. Further, game developers will be able to seek funding for their new project. Overall, we seek to make the game development and publication process easier and faster — so that we can have more and better games to play!

MOO Token is designed to ensure the following:

1. Immutable records and fraud prevention
For decades now, game developers have faced the persistent problem in fraudulent gaming transactions — costing them not only reduced earnings, but also a decrease in the studio’s reputation and customer goodwill.

With the blockchain technology, all in-game transactions on MOO Store will be accounted for in a public ledger, providing traceability of funds and items. This helps to prevent fraud as well as cancellations and chargebacks. The integrity of the platform ensure that developers are afforded the peace of mind to focus on what matters — creating great games for all.

2. Virtual game currency with no boundaries

MOO Token can be converted to a virtual game currency known as CloudMoolah Points or CMP for short. CMP can be used to acquire games and purchase in-game content and services across all games in the MOO Store.

Game developers will be paid in CMP when gamers use CMP to buy in-game content. Developers can choose to cash out the earned CMP in either fiat currency (USD$0.01 per CMP) or MOO Token (based on a benchmark value). Further, game developers need not worry about currency conversion and volatility of Southeast Asia’s various currencies as CMP is valued in USD.

With all in-game items and services using the same virtual currency of CMP, MOO Store does away with the hassle of managing currencies for different games. Game developers can easily consolidate revenues from their various games — providing operational efficiency and transferability of game economics.

3. Simplicity, Security and Savings

At the very core it, the basic purpose of MOO Store and CloudMoolah — which will be powered by MOO Token — is to provide a simpler and more secure solution for game distribution and payment system at a better value to all gaming stakeholders.

CloudMoolah payment infrastructure is tried-and-tested. Our payment gateway partners are established businesses with years of proven track records and used by millions of local gamers. Further, we have undergone rigorous testing process by Unity Technologies — a global industry leader in software development — before we successfully integrate into their game development engine. The system will be further secured by leveraging on the security features of the ERC-20 blockchain protocol — offering even better protection both for game developers and gamers.

Incorporating CloudMoolah into game development is simplicity in itself. It’s virtually just a few lines of code and one click of the mouse. Simply replace some ID codes in the Unity IAP codings and testing can be conducted, all within ten minutes.

Best of all, savings are massive because there will be zero upfront fees. Using the tokens, intermediary costs such as currency conversion fees and retail margin fees and payment processing fees will be eliminated.

4. Supports and Value-added Services (with more savings!)

Game developers will be able to gain access to CloudMoolah’s full host of services, including marketing, localisation and community management into the Southeast Asian region. Game developers can thus penetrate Southeast Asian markets with greater ease and convenience. Better still, these services will be made available to game developers who use MOO Token at a discounted price.

MOO Store will also provide incubation support as well as crowdfunding support from gamers to indie game developers. The developer incubation program seeks to incubate and provide various forms of support to developers who need help in publishing their games into markets. Developers may approach the MOO Store if they require funding support for their games. A panel of industry experts selected by Cloud Alliance will evaluate game proposals and provide advice on a range of issues, including marketing, funding and improvements on the proposed game.

Gamers can participate actively in the development of games that they are passionate about by funding game studios who share their vision to the community, giving innovative and unique games a chance at success.


The blockchain community has become increasingly jaded over companies touting the blockchain technology to solve made-up issues using inexistent product that will be developed sometime in the planned future.

As an operating gaming tech company, we take what we do very seriously. Our decision to incorporate the blockchain technology into our gaming ecosystem was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Our starting point is the great potential that the blockchain technology can bring to the game payments ecosystem, namely: the speed and integrity of transactions, which is central to our value proposition as a game payment solution and distribution service provider.

The MOO Token is a utility token which aims to democratise game distribution in Southeast Asia by becoming the de-facto medium of exchange between game developers and gamers. With our partnership with the world’s leading game development engine Unity, we seek to leverage blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency markets to build a stronger ecosystem for both game developers and gamers.

Game developers work hard to produce quality games for the world to enjoy. It only makes sense that they get a larger share of the profits, which is what the MOO Token helps game developers achieve.

So go ahead and enjoy the cost-savings.
You deserve it.

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