Depression Sucks

Depression. What is it? When it hits, undoubtedly, it hits hard with full force. What matters is our ability to withstand the pain. Most people are thick skinned and therefore have a high threshold of pain, and the higher it is, the better we can deal with the situation at hand. However, for some, it isn’t such an easy task.

It’s like being suctioned into a black hole. We try and divert our minds but find ourselves stuck in the same mundane routine, day in, day out. You may start to doubt your ability to actually uplift your spirit. Mood swings are a must, whether your a 40+ year old women going through menopause or just a teenage girl dealing with the reality of hair growth or the lack thereof if you are a slow blossoming young man. Mind the pun! Haha.

Self doubt is the worst. I have suffered from Depression myself and here’s how I dealt with it. For me, the solution isn’t instantly prescribing yourself to Anti-Depressants but something just as simple as changing your school of thought. If you choose to count all the things that are going well in your life and all of your blessings then you’ll see a dramatic change in your mood. It all takes time, you have to remain patient. If you aren’t willing to take that next step in changing your ways, unfortunately, you will not see great change.

Prescription drugs are simply a short-term relief for a long term problem. Sure, they may raise your serotonin levels (happy chemical as they call it) but you need to see beyond these short term fixes. Communication is really important. Getting your friends view or opinion on the situation may just be all the comfort you need. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on from time to time.

There are so many simple changes you can make to your daily routine to help. For those who consider themselves as introverts, may want to join a new course or gym. A chance to socialise and make new friends. Meeting new people is a great way to overcome your social anxiety. However, sometimes music is the best medicine. Not only is it extremely therapeutic but sometimes the silence can be forgiving. As with anything, it takes time. Be Patient, have faith and remember to smile often. The little things may well be the big things.

Take Care,

Cloudy Apples xx