Affiliate Program

Our primary goal in creating the affiliate program is to help everyone make money, pretty simple. As an affiliate you are an independent business owner (IBO). There is no cap on how large your network of influencers can grow or how much money you can make. Some people will make 7 Figures with this opportunity others will make $100 — its all up to you. Our job is to provide our IBO’s with free access to the highest quality Tools & Systems needed to build the business. If you can copy and paste scripts and send videos around — you can start making money with our app!

You will need to fill out the following info :


The System

Paid & Claimed Influencers

IBO’s will be paid 20% UPFRONT and will receive 10% for life on the accounts of any paid influencers they sign up. A paid influencer is a free user who pays the one time fee to make money from their account. A local musician or a small business like a cafe are perfect examples of Paid Influencers.

IBO’s will receive 5% for life on the accounts of any Claimed Influencer they sign up. A claimed influencer is someone who was automatically added to the network because of their social media status. Lebron James or a company like Wal-Mart are perfect examples of Claimed Influencers.


The CloutForm incentive program was put together to show our gratitude to our IBO’s. Each time you go out and build your business — we will be alongside you offering exciting incentives and surprises each step of the way.

Below is the current incentive programs:

Gift Cards, Cash and Free Vacations

Monthly Volume Bonus

Each month we will add up the combined revenue of all the influencers in your personal network and pay an additional bonus on the revenue they collectively generate.

For example if you recruited 10 influencers who collectively generated $50,000 in revenue for the month — you’d be paid a $500.00 monthly volume bonus

CloutForm Lead Program

To help our top IBO’s grow their business — we’ve created the CloutForm Lead Program. Any influencer who signs up directly with us will be redistributed back to our IBO’s. To qualify for the program an IBO must have at least 50 signups. At that point you get entered into our lead rotator and your influencer network will grow in your sleep.

CloutForm Lead Program

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