Propagandists Have Been Using Dishonest Manipulations To Kill The Seth Rich Story
Caitlin Johnstone

I believe everyone in DC politics knew that Seth Rich was killed for leaking the DNC emails and most insiders don’t really consider his murder a crime but see it as justifiable homicide. No organization or company can allow private and highly damaging emails + documents to be released on the internet for all the world to see. Even though the MSM down played the most inflammatory information and comments from the DNC leak they were embarrassing and criminal to anyone who took the time to read them — which many Democrats did. If you work on a political campaign (or any political work) and you steal and leak that much damaging information you better believe you’ll get gunned down in the back at 4AM and nobody in the business, including the competition, is going to shed a tear over your demise. Most importantly, it worked and nobody at the DNC has said nothing even after they were all fired. Podesta wanted to send a message — message delivered!