We finally agree on something

As my parents tell the story, when I was a lad I would run into the TV room (most people only had one TV in those days) every Sunday night and beg them to let me stay up past my bed time to watch the BFI. My dyslexia is the humorous part of the anecdote but my commitment to watching Efrem Zimbalist Jr and the FBI bring order and justice to this broken world was earnest and endearing — at least it was to my mom and dad. I can still dredge up foggy memories of that room with its doors and window, the wall color and its furniture but I can’t remember much of anything about the FBI television program. I don’t know if this is true for everyone but I spent many hours of my childhood watching TV, either actively or passively, and I can remember almost nothing that was fired into my brain by the cathode ray tube. Even so, I have known since childhood that the FBI is good, professional and committed to catching bad guys which is what they did every weekend on the ABC Television Network during the hight of America’s counter-culture revolution.

Hazy memories of how it used to be

I’m sure that the bureau is still populated by many straight shooters who respect the law and do good for the benefit of our nation. But today’s FBI is lead by people who grew up in the after-birth muck of that 1960’s rebellion and, like almost every institution in America, suffers the deleterious effects of trying to fit the square peg of conformity into a bubbling, coagulating stew of shattered PC orthodoxy and multicultural bile. Jim Comey is a near perfect example of the type of guy who works his way up through the ranks in this calamitous cultural/political environment and you can find his type administrating colleges, corporations, non-profits and public sector fiefdoms everywhere. It’s a shame but it’s what we’ve been stuck with for the past 30 years and you’ve got to be an oldster like me to even faintly remember that there was a way of being, a way of existing in this world, far superior to the prison planet the “leaders” of this brave new world have built for us. One guy who remembers the old FBI is the Elvis from Queens, Donald J Trump, Pirate Clown FWPOTUS supreme — MAGA.

The DC Machine

I don’t care why Trump fired Comey (I really don’t), I’m just glad that he did and if I had my way I’d ask him to fire all of them — ALL OF THEM!!! Now that he’s got the keys to the car (that they built) he’s not driving it into the ditch or out of the ditch — he’s taking them on a 100 mph terror ride down a dirty back road in a deep red state. There are two reasons the DC establishment and power corridor commentariat are hyperventilating and peeing their pants over Comey’s shock and awe termination last Tuesday and they have little to do with Russia. The first is the speed, secrecy and coldness with which the director of the FBI was dismissed which runs counter to the modus operandi inside the beltway. No leaks, no floating the idea with trusted politicians or wise men on K street, no perceptible build up to the fateful face-to-face encounter where concessions are negotiated assuring a smooth exit and placid transition to a new director, but instead a letter was delivered to the directors office on a Tuesday (while he was traveling) telling him “you’re fired” and nobody knew it was coming. I think it’s worth saying the last part again — nobody knew it was coming — and if Trump can pull that off with regards to Comey then he can do it to anybody because that is info that simply doesn’t stay bottled up in DC and the fact that it did scares the hell out of people. The second reason the establishment is gut punched, bent over and sucking air is because Jim Comey is THEM and somewhere in their subconscious mind that sees no light (or maybe in their heart — if they have one) they know that one of their own, a psychic doppelgänger, got sacked unceremoniously and that hurts. It hurts so bad they howl and claw and run around in circles trying to make it stop and manically threaten revenge. They’re so hurt and angry they might actually get a special prosecutor and slow drip this ludicrous Russia collusion story into a rational to impeach the barbarian and watch him suffer for his insolence, but they will always know that Trump fired them (through a proxy) and the crowed cheered.

As chronicled on the KOTCB blog this saga starts with an email server tied around Hillary’s fat ankle by John Kerry a means of forcing her from the Democrat party nominating process and open a path for him to take a second lunge for the brass ring. The act of setting up a private email server for the Sec. of State is obviously illegal and because there is just no good answer as to why Hillary did it someone had to investigate the crime. That responsibility fell on Jim Comey who obfuscated and lied when the time to act was upon him and then did it again toward the end of the presidential campaign thereby costing Her highness the support of people like Doug Schoen who has always worked for the Clinton machine. All of this leads to Plan D which is designed to discredit Trumps election authenticity and force resignation or impeachment in response to a Russian witch hunt. So the spook war started up and it still rages under-cover and because Comey had not regrets — in fact he’d do it all over again — he got axed.

Jim Comey had to go, if for no other reason than to send out this tweet to the wide world and see what happens.

Heads will explode (figuratively) but slowly the minds of the technocratic elite in our nations capital will begin to understand that performance and results are what the American people demand and they sent someone to the White House to set up some KPI’s and manage “the swamp” more effectually. #DrainTheSwamp is real and our employees have got to get with the program or get out.