Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

He keeps saying that he wrote this because he cares, but ignores the fact that the only people praising him are the plotters and “Saving Labour”. Corbyn’s twitter feed is filled with likes of BBC reporters, Polly Toynbee and PLPs high fiving each other and retweeting this. Just waiting for The Sun to give it an award. Some have gone as far to say that this article will change the course of the leadership election… change course as in what? turning away from Corbyn and towards what??

As a supposed professional journalist he should know the difference between a derogatory and supportive tone. This was a hit piece pure and simple no matter what he says, and it was a successful hit piece because the anti-Corbynites are in full celebration. The same issues could have been made in a more supportive way…but there Owen is jeering Corbyn because he wants to invest in new technologies for new jobs… solar panels…I guess he will be wearing sandals with socks while promoting it. Also the fact that Owen refused to confirm that he is still on “Team Corbyn”.

What I find most disturbing is how Owen has inserted himself in the narrative. However, if anyone is paying attention there is a bit of a pattern evolving.

  • First we had the “inside” Momentum guy in crises and now sees the only hope for the radical socialist left is with Owen Smith.
  • Then there were the “inside” economic advisor guys who “said they do not believe he can win the next election and the party would have a better chance under Owen Smith.”
  • Now we have the “inside” reporter guy close to the Corbyn team in crises and now sees the only hope for the radical socialist left is to make some inroads into the Conservative vote.

My guess is there will be more “inside guys and gals” making an appearance in a systematic and timely manner to try and get Corbyn’s supporters to latch on to Owen as the messiah of the Labour party.

We should have seen this coming with the overtly positive interview he gave at the Guardian… just polishing up his lefty bona fides… meanwhile he was teeing up this article all along. If you have noticed in the pushback he is more interested in “Saving his credibility” than in the actual questions he has posed.

The man doth protest too much… Owen is brandishing his attachment to the left… now his twitter feed is now promoting a youth org… but take a closer look and you will find the cheery youthful faces surrounded by Jack Straw… the guy who used to work with what’s his name… Oh and look this org is also being promoted by the Guardian and “Saving Labour” henchmen.

We’ve been had.