Email startup, now part of Slack Platform, has raised 300k€ from IT Translation

2015 ends well for Our email integration for Slack now features in Slack App Directory and we’ve just received 300k€ in funding from the IT Translation fund, our co-founder and long-term partner.

2016 is off to a great start for us. Boosted by the support of IT Translation and Slack, we’ll launch an exciting and ambitious new version.

Slack is the platform

Slack’s fast-growing ecosystem is rich of hundreds — maybe thousands — of integrations. The recently launched App Directory lists about 150 apps, all reviewed (but not endorsed) by Slack. counts amongst the 10 most popular customer support apps alongside the likes of Zendesk, Twitter and Groove.

A fully-featured email bot, coming soon

Thanks to all the feedback we got from the users of our beta version, we’ve completely redesigned This development is made possible by the funding from IT Translation (spread out in three phases).

The current version allows users to create hybrid Slack + email groups (e.g. talk to from #legal). This is great already, but many are looking for more comprehensive email features: send an email from Slack whenever needed, collaborate on emails, reply to any email from any customer directly from your channels.

The new version will take the form of a fully-featured email bot and will be launched under a new brand. You’ll have to wait early 2016 to get your hands on it. Follow @ClubbleIO to be notified or, if you’re not of the patient type, drop us a line at slack at for a preview.

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