New in for Slack: Easy-to-remember email addresses for all your channels

With, a new email integration for Slack, turn a channel into a project group with your email-reliant clients or partners in just a few seconds. You may, for instance, share #legal with your lawyer or #new-hat-project with your client Elizabeth.

When an email member is invited to a channel, an associated email address is created: ( coming soon).

Sometimes, though, you don’t need a project group, you just want to receive/forward a one-off email to a Slack channel—e.g. a bug report from a client to #bugs. You can use Slack’s email integration of course but, since addresses are easy to remember and give, we thought it would be useful to automatically have an associated address for every channel. We’ve just released this new feature.

No action required from your side. Just sign up to with Slack and all the channel addresses will be ready straight away. Don’t worry, you won’t be spammed as only trusted senders (i.e. team members and email members already known to your team) can send emails to your channels.

Front-office addresses too?

Do you use front-office addresses like or Would you like to reply to these requests directly from Slack? Let us know if you do (@ClubbleIO or support at, we’re working on our roadmap and need your feedback.