Cred On An Online Forum:

Back Story

Fresh out of high school, 18-year-old (me, I) had one goal and expectation. I needed my own form of transportation.

I was college-bound, yet decided to take a year off to work and save.

I had invested two years of my life as a busboy. When my 18th birthday came around, the owner gave me a shot as a server — a job I did extremely well.

Through my father’s friend I managed to snag a pretty snazzy gig for an 18-year-old. I repaired a wide range of tools for the Makita corp. Saws, grinders, drills, hammers, among other things. I had a “decent” nine-to-five and worked at the restaurant at nighttime.

I managed to save 5k for a down-payment. With no credit, I had to convince my mother to co-sign. (Always a responsible woman, my mother, then and now has impeccable credit.)

Needless to say, I was obsessed with my new purchase. (2007 Honda Civic Si)

Main Point

To be an information junkie means: the Internet is your best friend.

I stumbled upon a large community of enthusiasts — (Specially their forum)

I became involved in the community (eventually engulfed) and loved every aspect of it.

Starting simply by browsing. Transitioned into replying to topics that would truly interest me, and starting my own threads.

What struck me the most, were the individuals that stood out.

Some were informative, witty, even funny.

Though just an avatar and text, people built “cred” in this online forum.

“Top” users were truly respected for their contributions to the community.

It was a jarring experience to meet folks in person after communicating online for months.

Some folk’s personas matched their online counterparts, other’s differed drastically.

I went to meets, gatherings, hang outs, you name it.

Made many friends, connections, above all – I had a blast.

The Internet allowed me to connect with people that shared my same passion and interest.