During this weeks lesson we talked about coming out and living as a LGBTQ individual. A lot of people view this as a simple task and that it’s somewhat deceitful to keep this information to your self. I was once in this ignorant mindset, of “It’s not a hard choice you are what you are, say it” , but in reality it’s as complicated as curing cancer. One of my fellow classmates spoke on how he lost communication with his father, and respect from family members. Although it’s becoming more common it is still not widely accepted.

To gain more than one perspective on LGBTQ lives we were tasked with reading; The Gender Book, La Guera and the IDAHOT Summary Report, to help gain a better knowledge on subject matter. The main purpose of The Gender Book was to educate society on the different names and terms associated with the LGBTQ community. Words like gender and sex words we see from time to time, the most interesting part is people really don’t know the difference. The difference is sex is a physical attributions while gender is more what you identify with. This book was important to help us not label but identify LGBTQ individuals.

While La Guera was more of memoir of Cherrie Moraga, and her struggle with being a lesbian in a not so accepting era. How she had to fake happiness to appease her mother and family, but faking these moods just deepened her depression. Although she was not alone, their are so many people who go through these fears and doubts. Which is so sad because no one should ever feel alone and I think that is everyone’s biggest fear secretly, to be alone. Luckily when she came out her mother didn’t disown her, she loved her no matter what and that is the beauty off unconditional love.

Lastly, IDAHOT report was assigned to read, and first things first IDAHOT stands for International Day against homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. This is important because it shows us evolving as humans and showing not only tolerance but acceptance. A lot of us walk through life trying to “Get in where we fit in” but if everyone is trying to be like one group of people are we fitting in or suppressing our personalities to become socially accepted,.

Overall I was raised with the mentality we all bleed the same, hurt the same, and were created by a compassionate loving God who forgives us daily, accepts all our flaws, and if we expect that continuous compassion from him. We should give so freely to others.

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