Bathroom Designer — Flooring For Style and Safety

Choosing the best flooring for your bathroom can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making a space that is safe, efficient, and stylish. Because of the high exposure to moisture in the type of humidity and splashes, bathroom flooring must be resistant to water damage, if not waterproof. An experienced bathroom designer can advise you on how to pick a material that enhances your decor without compromising your safety or promoting the growth of mould and mildew.

With so many stylish yet slip-resistant options to pick from, there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. Speak about your options together with your Castelnau Bathroom Designer to find the choice that suits your decor and lifestyle. In a small home, a single bathroom may endure a great deal of wear and tear. The flooring you pick must be strong to stand up to the effects of foot traffic, frequent showers or baths and microbial growth.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are popular options among homeowners in Castelnau who need to trim the cost of a bathroom remodelling project whilst taking advantage of a giant choice of colours and textures. Ceramic tiles are sturdy, waterproof and simple to maintain, yet your Bathroom Designer Castelnau can show you a whole spectrum of hues, from subtle neutral shades to bold, dramatic primary colours.

Patterned tiles can be used to highlight the contours of a tub or shower cabinet or generate a striking visual focus. A creative bathroom designer can recommend a host of ways to make use of this versatile flooring to your advantage when you are remodelling your bathroom. Safety is a priority for any household, but in case you have small kids or elderly adults in your home, choosing slip-resistant flooring material is paramount. Your bathroom designer may recommend studded rubber or textured vinyl or lino tiles to provide resistance under foot.

These materials are cheap, simple to neat and hard wearing. With the help of your bathroom designer, you can select products that are as aesthetically appealing as the more expensive options. Vinyl, lino and laminate can be designed to replicate the appearance of natural wood or stone. If you are trying to accomplish a homey or rustic look at an affordable cost, ask your Castelnau Bathroom Designer about these innovative manmade materials. If nothing less than natural flooring will do, stone tiling with a textured finish and a proper sealant is a safe, aesthetically pleasing option that gives your bathroom a sense of timeless strength and beauty.

Castelnau homeowners who prefer to decorate with “green” products may be drawn to bamboo flooring. Although bamboo is not entirely waterproof, this versatile material is resistant to water when correctly sealed. Your bathroom designer can show you an array of bamboo flooring options, from parquet tiles to simple planks. Laminate wood planks or tiles can bring the heat and glow of cherry, maple or pine to a bathroom without the high cost. A professional Castelnau Bathroom Designer can inspire you with products that merge safety with beauty at a cost that won’t stretch your interior design budget.

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