The CCLPD- Digital Leader Professional Development(LPD)

The CC/PL Team has developed a “Hip pocket” digital LPD to support leader development programs at the company/platoon level. The concept is to provide a ready to go, mobile friendly LPD that can be executed anywhere providing the user has a smartphone or tablet, and has wifi access or a data plan.

Using a file hosting service, we provide content for discussion that includes a short video, related article and some recommended questions for discussion. This is designed for mobile platforms, though it can be used on a regular computer.

Current Topics:

CCLPD #1: Leader’s Role in Developing Resilient Soldiers.

CCLPD #2: Leaders as the Moral Compass of the Unit.

CCLPD#3: Watching Our Words: Leaders shouldn’t complain around subordinates

CCLPD #4: Fire Discipline & Minimizing Civilian Casualties

CCLPD #5: Withstanding the Initial Shock of Casualties

CCLPD #6: Duality of a PL: Managing Loyalties Up & Down

CCLPD #7: Platoon Sergeant Initial Counseling

CCLPD #8: Essential Platoon Leader Characteristics

CCLPD #9: Taking A Step Back: Dealing With Confrontation

CCLPD #10: Property Accountability: Dealing With A FLIPL

CCLPD #11: Property Accountability: Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) Overview

CCLPD #12: My Most Challenging Experience as a Platoon Leader

CCLPD #13: “Mission Command at the Company Level”

If you would like more information shoot the CC/PL team a note from YOUR MILITARY e-mail address and one of us will be in touch.

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