Social Media as News


We will examine the concept of social media, how it communicates news and issues, and how we interact with it. After the class, you should be able to use social media as a lens with which to view the ongoing changes to our lives and society. This class is not about learning how to use social media tools, though we will spend time with some of them. This is an introduction course that will be both challenging and fun. It is a learning environment. If at anytime you have questions or issues regarding this class, please contact me.


· General understanding of the intersection of social media, journalism, and news

· Critical thinking, writing, and discussion concerning important issues relevant to social media and the communication of news, events, and issues

· Familiarity with the creative process and tools that support social media creation

· Creation of coherent, relevant, and professional materials for communication of an issue through social media channels

· Applying skills in clear, concise, accurate, and readable assignments


The concepts of mass communication, social media, and news will be examined through weekly readings, discussions, guest speakers, videos, current events, and practical examples. Practical application will be accomplished through classroom activities, hands-on practice, writing assignments, and creative projects.

This course does not have a textbook. Links to several on-line readings relevant to the topic of the day are listed in the weekly schedule below.

Our schedule is designed around two important factors needed to participate in our information world: 1) Critical thinking, 2) Creativity.

Normally, Monday will be “critical thinking” day. We will discuss issues, current events, and reading materials to gain important knowledge and perspectives in communicating social media news. This way you will increase your thought processes, writing abilities, and interpersonal skills. We will have guest speakers. Some of the critical thinking assignments will be posted on Medium.

Wednesdays will generally be “creative” day. An important aspect of this class will creation of quality, coherent, and relevant content regardless of the social media platform. In today’s digital world, there’s an overwhelming abundance of social media platforms, and knowing how to post and produce quality content is important. Creative content such as video, podcasts, and graphics, will be an integral part of the class.

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