Stamping out campus hunger with SNAP

State officials, college and university representatives and researchers from the Center for Law and Social Policy discuss strategies to connect college students to federal benefit programs.
The University of Colorado Northern Colorado Bear Pantry, pictured here, is one of dozens of food pantries across the state that offer free meals to students experiencing food insecurity.
As more students from low-income families pursue postsecondary education, food and housing insecurity rates have risen on college campuses. Source: CLASP
Katalina Garcia, Isnino Ali and Aujanair David (left to right) share their experiences with food insecurity and applying for SNAP.
Unlike depictions in popular culture, a plurality of today’s college students attend part-time, work while attending school and care for children.
As part of their plan to curb campus hunger, Community College of Denver encourages food pantry visitors to apply for SNAP and other federal benefits programs that could provide relief.
Colorado Department of Higher Education

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Official Account for the Colorado Department of Higher Education emphasizing access and affordability for all. #highered #StateOfCo #edcolo

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