There is no such thing as waste.
Panarchy 101: We Can Make It — Pioneering the Thing Commons
Paul B. Hartzog

Great article and I’m much agreed on your insightful strategies, but having worked in food rescue before, I had a strong reaction to this quote, to which I thought “ ”… only that which we choose to waste; *grimly recalls how many groceries have trash compactors*. On a systems level, for those thinking in the macro, this is great; the challenge is in the micro-behaviors and a self-interest driven populace.

I’m no saint, I choose not to spend the additional $15 per month to get recycling services (nor spend that amount in time, driving it somewhere). I do this with the faith that my environmental activism is actually the better way to spend my time and money- that I have better impact by not dithering on a few plastic bottles.

This is the balance that I think is very hard to achieve, with climate changing drastically and our economic system seriously off-kilter to boot; when do we surge ahead looking for bigger solutions, and when do we try to put everything in its right place from the get go?

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